The Theory of Everything

Glass Rain

azure-blue-exoplanetWhenever a new “discovery” hits the presses nowadays, it depresses me knowing it cannot be believed at face value. Nothing we are told anymore about anything regarding “new knowledge” or discoveries can be believed. Every story comes with a catch or angle or spin. And given the preponderance of ignorance in the idiocracy, you can bet the “facts” and “findings” have not been arrived upon using a great deal of logic or honesty. Phrases such as, “leading experts,” “scientists,” “it is widely accepted,” “scientists theorize / estimate,” are just another way of saying, this is the story we’re selling so don’t ask questions or think, just accept. After all, these are leading experts.

How does someone become regarded as leading? Your boss at work, I’m sure, is the smartest and most competent one in the office, right? And our government is composed of the absolute most intelligent and brilliant men of integrity. Wait. What?

Office politics. Rules of academia (accreditation, peer acceptance and reaffirmation, group-think). Popularity. Association. These are all factors which determine who is a leading expert. Not competence or intelligence or integrity. Telling me that so-and-so says something, is meaningless. Is so-and-so God? I would advise doing a little digging into how “accepted” knowledge came to fruition.

The latest “major discovery” that they’re promoting is this big blue ball of glass. I will credit them with imagination, at least. I love different concepts such as glass rain and iron rain and lakes of hydrocarbons. And then all the possible implications of how this would play out, physical properties, interactions. Fun fun stuff. But is it really true? No. Because these are the same people telling me the supreme complexity of EVERYTHING came from absolutely nothing. These are NOT intelligent people. They only excel in fabricating stories and perpetuating made-up pseudoscience. And their stories are dumb and unimaginative for the most part. So all at once, I am insulted by their smugness and their pathetic lack of vision.

And therefore, as I compile by Theory of Everything, I’ll include my own myths and stories of “wouldn’t this be cool???” And it will RULE!!!

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Phoneticist, Palindrologist, and freelance Sharknadologist. Inventor. Ruler of 2-acre lakes and small streams.


13 thoughts on “Glass Rain

  1. “Because these are the same people telling me the supreme complexity of EVERYTHING came from absolutely nothing.”

    Explanation? Elaboration?

    Posted by yourothermotherhere | 4 September, 2013, 1:06 pm
    • I will elaborate and go into this further in future posts. Mainly, we have to account for the presence of matter, “which is neither created or destroyed,” which by definition suggests it is eternal. But nothing within the time-space continuum can be eternal, without being extra-dimensional. Matter is not extradimensional, by definition. This, then, is a paradox. When there is a paradox, we must find another explanation to resolve it, or else our current understanding is not entirely correct. A theistic explanation satisfies by stating an extra-dimensional source of intellectual design is at play. However, an atheistic approach will never consider any acknowledgement of “design” which would allow for a “designer,” although I would argue that they do anyway, by assigning intelligence and omnipotence to “the singularity” and “evolution” and “nature.” Yet, they will insist these are products of random chaos (though we now know, even chaos possesses order). The model which 90% of “leading scientists” promote is that, in the beginning, was The Singularity, a single point of time and space, which was all at once all-encompassing and non-existent, infinitely dense yet technically without true mass. The concept, it seems, is that of a cosmic pustule stuck in the skin separating reality from non-reality. A phantom zone. There is no basis for this, except that an explanation must be made to explain what the atheistic model cannot explain through the lots-and-lots-of-time + lifeless-matter + random-chance = creation-of-everything model. The singularity, which didn’t exist, exploded, sending massive amounts of matter and energy into existence, causing the beginning of the universe. Nothing created everything.

      Posted by Quackzalcoatl | 4 September, 2013, 1:42 pm
  2. Every argument builds upon “facts” declared so by others. Even when a “fact” diverges from what has been previously stated, it still comes from a long chain of reasoning that rests on what is known by human beings at that point in history . That is why I’m curious about the origins of the Universe, and by extension, human beings. I don’t dismiss what I can’t prove or disprove it.

    Posted by yourothermotherhere | 4 September, 2013, 9:19 pm
    • You and I are on the same page. So far, I’ve ruled out a few theories, but there are several that seem to show some promise, but also have some calculations I need to understand in order to make a judgement. I have a good understanding of the major “problems” which science has missed on, but there are so many details which seem plausible. It’s fun, from my approach, because I am not trying to determine the SOURCE. I already it. So that helps guide the train through the evidence.

      Posted by Quackzalcoatl | 4 September, 2013, 11:03 pm
  3. My thought is that we are meant to explore, but there is no way to ascertain for a certainty if we are on the right track to — what? Are human beings a living Tower of Babel? If so, how many times will we be knocked back down until we’re allowed to reach the heavens, if ever?

    Posted by yourothermotherhere | 5 September, 2013, 2:27 am
    • I think if our purpose was to explore for the pure enjoyment of the majesty of it all, we would be across the galaxy by now. Serously. But it seems with every step, we become so proud of ourselves and start talking about how one day soon we will finally have machine bodies and robot brains so we can be immortal. Like gods. They are obsessed with this. So no, we’re not going anywhere, unfortunately, until they get a clue. Oh well. The good news is, it will still be around to explore for the rest of time after our lunch stop ends and we’re back in our true form hanging out in timeless cosmic magnificence we never imagined possible. The cosmos is far too enormous and unexplored for it all to go to waste. Eternal time + eternal cosmos + supernatural travel = FUN!!!

      Posted by Quackzalcoatl | 5 September, 2013, 2:49 am
      • “But it seems with every step, we become so proud of ourselves and start talking about how one day soon we will finally have machine bodies and robot brains so we can be immortal. Like gods.”
        -Kind of reminds me of that old story about building a tower to heaven.

        Posted by James82 | 5 November, 2013, 5:29 am
  4. Exactly why God knocked down the Tower of Babel. It’s always pride.

    Your last line? Yes, yes, yes! I hope so, I really do. To be able to go into the heart of a star. To see different planets and nebulae! I think what would make it super wonderful would be if we were all in communication with each other so that what one experiences, all experience, but if that’s not to be, at least to have a traveling companion to marvel with at the wonder of it all. That would be my idea of Heaven.

    Posted by yourothermotherhere | 5 September, 2013, 4:04 am
  5. I just came across this blog. It has a lot of interesting scraps and tidbits pertaining to this conversation if you’d like to take a gander at it.


    Posted by yourothermotherhere | 5 September, 2013, 2:27 pm
  6. Thank you for the link! I shall gander it!

    Posted by Quackzalcoatl | 5 September, 2013, 5:45 pm
  7. So to be a leading expert in any field requires one to be a self serving and deluded spreader of bull shit. Sounds about right to me.

    Posted by Marc | 11 November, 2013, 12:31 pm

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