Santa God, part 1

I just realized something. An epiphany of sorts.

For many Christians, being a Christian means living the “good life” and receiving comfort, rewards and prosperity, which will then magically lead others to God because they will want in on the action.

I’ve spent a significant amount of time browsing and finding atheists to converse with, and getting a feel for why they don’t believe. I always used to assume it was out of ignorance or an irrational hatred or something perhaps psychological, which would cause their disbelief. Although that’s true in some cases, that is not normally what I found.

The ones I’ve spent the most time with are all very intelligent, rational, good-natured, considerate, genuinely good human beings, with whom I shared a lot of commonality. They thought the same way as me, were curious and skeptical in nature, and always desired the get to the bottom of everything they had interest in. But they were yet to find a god they could accept and believe in.

So I broke it down even farther. I got them to describe God as they understood him from what they knew of Scripture and what they’d heard from all the many Christians they’d argued against. What resulted is this: God is a sort of cosmic Santa, who floats around the cosmos in some sort of cosmic space bubble, checking up on people and making a list of who’s naughty and nice. And if you’re good, say your prayers, and tell others about Jesus, then Santa God rewards you with a blessing of happiness and prosperity. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized they were absolutely right. No wonder they don’t believe, because that is how we tend to view God. And that is a ridiculous absurdity. So I thanked them for helping me learn, and told them I really needed to rethink this and figure out what we’re missing.

I wanted to find out who God really is, without any prejudice or predisposition. So I studied the five Vedic texts of sacred eastern metaphysics. I studied the Bhagavad Gita. Studied Theoretical and Quantum Physics. Cellular biology. Astronomy. Cosmology. Stories of the gods, myths and legends and everything in between. I thumbed through ancient writings of Plato, and St. Augustine. And then I went line by line through the Word of God. And everything fell together.

“God” is a meaningless abstraction invented by our pop culture. He doesn’t exist. The atheists are right. Where they are wrong, however, is where they say there is not ANY god.

The supernatural Creator of all things DOES exist. The God of the universe, the beginner of time and the spreader of space, also exists. The Redeemer, the salvation of all mankind and defender of our soul, He exists. The Cosmic Stream of Light, the Thread and String, binder of all things, igniter of stars and the mover and shaker of the spirit, He exists.

We get so tied up and stuck in rabbit holes debating “the Trinity” and trying to grasp a Plurality which exists as one yet acts as three. Well, the answer is profound in its simplicity. Think of it in terms of Head, Body, and the Door. God the Father (the head) is the ruler of the universe, God of all things, beginner of beginnings and ender of ends. He directs the flow and the light, as a brain directs and coordinates our systems and functions. The Holy Spirit (the body) is the Living Force, Cosmic Stream, Thread and String which binds and connects all living things and maintains the balance and order of the cosmos, generator of stars and light, and the source of Divine knowledge and inspiration. Anytime you look at images from Hubble, notice the infusion of light and vibrant radiant colors! That is a reflection and projection of the essence of the Spirit. Folks, that is some POWERFUL stuff.

If you’d like to get a gauge for an understanding of this power, look up the term ZERO POINT ENERGY. I used to just think that was a science fiction term, made up by the writers for Stargate: Atlantis, where they used these Zero Point Modules (ZPM) to power the instantaneous crossing between worlds. Turns out there’s a lot of truth to it all. We are just beginning to realize the freaky level of energy and power in every inch of the universe. There are no empty voids. The cosmos crackles and sparkles and hums with the power of over 400 trillion suns, in every square meter in every corner. FREAKY.

Powerful stuff. And I will take it from here next time I cover this topic.

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Phoneticist, Palindrologist, and freelance Sharknadologist. Inventor. Ruler of 2-acre lakes and small streams.


19 thoughts on “Santa God, part 1

  1. very profound thoughts. Thanks for sharing it , I loved it Terry, it really looks like God Almighty, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob starts to reveal Himself in a new way to you :-). Praise the Lord, I am so happy for you!! Keep sharing…

    Posted by Kate | 5 September, 2013, 12:04 pm
    • Kate, thank you for your kind words. This is bigger than me. These revelations are meant to change the hearts and minds of all who comprehend. Understand our meaning and purpose in this life. We are given but the briefest amount of time, and we benefit no one but ourselves unless we abandon our wanton desires for material prosperity and recognition. There was a time in our early history, before the world was ripped apart and submerged and scoured of life, when we were granted a heaven-on-earth lifestyle, up to 1000 years in length. The flood changed that down to 120 years and less. We cannot live for ourselves. Our lives are not our own. I cannot stop. I cannot type fast enough. And when I cannot type, I will speak. And when I cannot speak, I will find out ways to write with my thoughts. Every second, every day, stopping for tea and occasional rest. The stakes are too high.

      Posted by Quackzalcoatl | 5 September, 2013, 12:20 pm
  2. Many people have an incorrect concept of what a “Christian” is, including Christians. A great deal of this can be directly attributed to modern day feel good, send me all your money preachers. But if you read the Bible line by line, then you know that followers of Christ suffered much and in many ways. It was also written that this would not stop in the course of time, but in fact increase as the world turned more and more towards evil.

    Almost every religion of the world is designed around a similar format and that is failure of humans to achieve divinity or immortality on their own. Embellishments are worked in according to locality so that there is a ruling class who benefits in power and possessions by using the threat of singling non-participants for punishments now or eternally, usually both. In other words, religion, made by human beings, benefits a small percentage of human beings at the expense of the rest just like organized crime or governments which I’ll concede are usually one in the same.

    For want of a better label, God does not need religion. Why would he\she\it? The glory and wonder of Creation, of the Universe, is the perfect praise.

    As for people who don’t believe anything, my belief is that they will just cease to exist after death.

    Posted by yourothermotherhere | 5 September, 2013, 1:32 pm
  3. It is a profound sadness I feel, a heartbreak over our current society. We are not here to live it up and “enjoy God’s rewards.” Not our purpose. We are not supposed to be miserable, enslaved, trapped in unfulfilling jobs accumulating meaningless stuff. That is not living. We are not machines. Or animals. I’ve spent 40 years living for myself and doing some Christian stuff on the side, afraid to even mention my belief and faith in Santa God. Now that I understand who the Creator is and how the Trinity encompasses the works and ponderings of almost every culture on earth, I am emboldened, because I am not going in and telling them that “their God” and their beliefs are wrong. I will be able to make it relatible, because they are only considering one aspect of God usually. The Vedas describe the infinite nature of The Spirit, the Cosmic Stream, Cosmic String. These are all focused on The Holy Spirit. The same goes for pantheism and worshiping “nature gods.” They are all aware of the divine presence and power. Their conclusions are off, simply because we as a people split up after that Babel fiasco and stopped sharing knowledge. For this reason, God instructed the Holy Spirit to possess the Hebrew prophets and write down a base of fact and wisdom and history and science and time and Redemption. It is a remarkable feat of Divine engineering, but I have personally experienced this myself, so I am 100% positive beyond all doubt that every detail is reliable, encoded and transcribed in many many layers. Great great stuff! Thanks as always for your feedback! I like the dialogue. I am learning every second of every day, throwing stuff out, rearranging, and refining. It’s fun!!!

    Posted by Quackzalcoatl | 5 September, 2013, 1:54 pm
    • I enjoy it too. There are a great many people who refuse to discuss politics or religion, but I say how does burying your head in the sand progress anything including self? If you are strong in your beliefs, than they will hold up to examination. If not, isn’t is better to know so that you can grow?

      I think we are born with the divine spark, the pneuma from God. It is that which makes us yearn to learn about where we came from so that we may discern where it is we will go upon death of this body. I also think that is is a two-way street. I think God yearns for us as well and so guides us along the way. There is a general path, but it is customized a bit for each of us because while we are all alike in some aspects, we are also individuals. Some need more carrot, some need more stick. Perhaps some are lead totally off the path and become lost. Do they ever find their way back? I don’t know.

      Posted by yourothermotherhere | 5 September, 2013, 5:01 pm
  4. “Igniter of Stars”. I like that. And as impressive as it sounds, all He had to do was speak it into existence.

    Posted by gherkinsavorus | 8 September, 2013, 7:28 pm
  5. Awesome post! Love your thoughts.

    Posted by Perspective Collector | 10 October, 2013, 2:01 am
  6. May I include this post as a link for a post I’m writing about cool stories Christians have?

    Posted by Perspective Collector | 10 October, 2013, 7:23 am
  7. Wow, I’m am blown away by the depth and clarity of your post. Many Christians cannot verbalize this understanding of God, and I love the analogy of Head, Body and Door. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for adding to our collective wisdom.

    Posted by Susan Irene Fox | 16 October, 2013, 1:01 pm
  8. Great Post! This is similar to what I’ve been feeling lately.

    Posted by James82 | 5 November, 2013, 4:40 am
  9. You have mentioned that you have read Vedas etc etc.
    Did you read Qur’an?

    Posted by paarsurrey | 20 November, 2013, 12:21 am


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