Return of the Quackz

pirate-shipBad news for all my fantastical antithetic friends and compadres: I am back to feeling well and firing torpedic thoughts across the bows of contemporary ignorancia. Brace yourselves and prepare to be boarded! The Dread Pirate Quackzalcoatl is roaming the seas of silly thoughts once more! Tremble ye before my mighty words of knowledge and feel the ignorance drain from your inner mind!

There is much to discuss, foremost being the answers to my previous questions. Then there is this matter of misinformation and hilarity as presented in the new “Cosmos,” as well as extemporaneous considerations of the Big Bang as enlightened by recent discoveries and “proof” of the beginning of time.


About Quackzalcoatl

Phoneticist, Palindrologist, and freelance Sharknadologist. Inventor. Ruler of 2-acre lakes and small streams.


14 thoughts on “Return of the Quackz

  1. Good to hear, but your ship looks a little top-heavy. You sure its seaworthy?

    Posted by john zande | 20 March, 2014, 11:26 am
  2. This is awesome news Quack!! Hope your return to normalcy remains.

    I’m a bit surprised that you would claim Cosmos to have hilarious misinformation – they seem to be sticking to information that is the consensus of the scientific community. Obviously that doesn’t mean it’s all correct, but to say it is hilariously bad information sounds quite a bit overstated.

    My understanding of the new information related to the big bang is that it is simply more evidence of an inflationary period long ago, not evidence that time itself began. Whether time itself had a beginning or not is a separate debate going on in the scientific community and I don’t think there is consensus on this at all (see Sean Carroll’s recent debate with WLC). Either way theism could be true so I don’t know why theists try so hard to use this kind of information from science to prove their point. If the scientific community tomorrow proved that the existence of the natural world has been infinite then theists would still claim success – in fact they could even successfully state that this information confirms what they want to believe – simple re-interpretation of some scriptures will solve that.

    Posted by Howie | 20 March, 2014, 11:31 am
    • From time to time I have to overstate things or make provocative assertions in order to grab interest. My contentions with current mainstream science (prevalent theories) are specific and well founded on scientific principles.

      I totally agree with you about the Big Bang thing. The “creation” of the universe is very much in line with current theory. And I see nothing in contemporary science which isn’t congruent with what I read in what I consider sacred scripture. At any rate, please overlook the occasional hyperbole and bear with me. I appreciate your feedback!

      Posted by Quackzalcoatl | 20 March, 2014, 2:03 pm
      • Sorry, I’ve gotta remember to take your stuff with a grain of salt – I’ve been toying around with trying the interest grabbing thing on my blog but in some ways I’m a little happy my blog isn’t super popular because I have a day job. 🙂

        Posted by Howie | 20 March, 2014, 2:58 pm
  3. Ducky, I haven’t felt this glad in a long time… I thought of you everyday, even the Holy Angels gave to me a message about you when I awoke … that was 3 days ago.

    Spring is here, I started spring cleaning monday, and I’ve made ‘sweeping’ changs to my diet.. baking my own low-salt, no chemicals bread, cookies and pies. I HOPE, Ducky, you have a new power over this pancreatitis beast…

    I’ll be back tomorrow to join your dicussions if I can make the time, but I have alot of chores and it takes me a long time to do even simple things… oh well, I, like you Ducky, sing along with the radio, laugh during good movies… though I’m all alone, and it makes me a little too conversational in stores etc, and my coarsely gasping for air upsets others…

    Posted by gjpaul | 21 March, 2014, 12:53 am
    • Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Likewise, I pray for strength for you, that you will feel the power of the spirit flow through you and erase all traces of negativity from your mind. Our health and physical limitations cannot keep us down completely, because we are spiritual beings. Sickness and death have no true dominion over us. As your brother in Christ, I have assurance that we will not always be bound by the limitations of corrupt flesh.

      Keep breathing and do whatever you must to keep yourself going — your spiritual understanding serves as a beacon for vessels lost amid the chaos.

      Posted by Quackzalcoatl | 21 March, 2014, 9:44 am
  4. I am truly thankful that you are well enough to continue to enlighten and humor your friends in the blog world Quack. That the Great Physician of our souls and bodies has granted you healing is a blessing to us all.

    Posted by Marc | 21 March, 2014, 11:56 am
  5. I’ve updated my blog, and posted 3 photos … 2 of me, one of my Faith.

    In an article in a past COPD Digest Magazine, it said that 77% of people with COPD were clinically depressed. COPD folks have few options at this point.

    A pyschiatrist said that we also go into a period of grief and mourning for the person we were, and the life we used to have. Denial also plays into this picture. He mentioned that some of us suffer Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome as a result of so many life changes all at once – moving in with family, giving up friends and activities we used to enjoy, having to spend so much time in a day focused on our health, and ever thing just being harder/more suffering.

    Posted by gjpaul | 22 March, 2014, 12:53 am
    • I’m currently working my way through your updates and will offer some feedback shortly. Failing health is difficult to deal with on so many levels, as is the debilitating process of aging, going from a sense of immortality to a sudden realization that we are not living so much as we are dying. Life is the process of dying — at least in this world. Accepting that, we must focus on making the best of what we have while we have it.

      Posted by Quackzalcoatl | 23 March, 2014, 1:42 pm
  6. ps : My photos are on my page I am GJPaul ( My profile)

    Posted by gjpaul | 22 March, 2014, 12:57 am

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