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I’ve spent the past year in an almost constant state of awe at my previous lack of understanding. As I study history and read through the ancient records, I realize more and more how wrong we are in our perspective, as though we’ve limited our vision to the contents of one room and ignored the rest of the world outside.

I feel cheated by my education. I went to the finest schools and learned from intelligent teachers, yet much of what I learned was incorrect. Everything as it relates to “pre-history” or anything “prehistoric” has turned out to be complete and utter nonsense. Our ancient records are far more comprehensive than I was led to believe, though they have been almost completely discounted in favor of “scientific” story telling.

I am a very science-literate man, trained in the sciences and methodology of investigation. I have multiple degrees, some advanced, in science. I know what science is, enough to know what it is not. And I know without a doubt that the field of archeology is far from scientific. As is paleontology. In fact, there seems precious little where “objective science” can be applied to tell us about the past, without a great deal of circular reasoning and questionable assumptions. So I no longer take seriously any rendering of the past which came about as a result of such fraudulent framework. Academia died somewhere in the middle of the nineteenth century. Now we seem to make it all up as we go along. We assume the present is the key to the past. We assume what we see presented to us on television is correct. We assume we are smarter today as a society than we’ve ever been before, and we pride ourselves with our technological prowess.

Our machines have made us dumb. Our modern sense of knowledge has made us ignorant. Our ignorance of the past has ruined our future by distorting our understanding of the present.

I will elaborate on this further as I sort it all out. Sorry for all the vague generalizations and unfounded assertions. Just thinking out loud at the moment. Much more to come…

Religious Proliferation — From the Top Down

ararat-twin-peaksAt the apex of our history, everyone believed in the one true Creator and knew the truths of our origin. In time, groups began to fall away and regard the one true Creator as an impersonal force, and consider all of creation as part of the original God (pantheism).

Eventually, some rulers became known as “immortals” and their parents, “gods,” blessed by the one true God, chosen to rule, and the temples they built were embassies of respect to the ruler and to God. People were told that God put Himself into the “gods,” and the new gods were an incarnation of the original God. Over time, God was forgotten and replaced by these man-made gods.

Hinduism considers God to be impersonal but still existing in gods which represent aspects of God. Wicca sees the original Creator as being emptied into creation and ceasing to exist, making humans now the highest form of life. The sons of Cham (Ham) originally taught that God emptied Himself into a few chosen people, gods, to be worshipped. At some level, all of these religions referenced the original Creator God.

As pantheism spread into Canaan, the Canaanites added ancestor worship. Zidon, Canaan’s firstborn son, became the chief deity in the city-state of Zidon. In this land he was the “Baal,” meaning “Lord” in Hebrew. Zidon’s wife was the first “Asharah” or “the princess” in Hebrew (Ha-Sharah). This form of paganism spread across the land of Canaan, in which each tribe adapted the names of their kings for the same pagan deities. (Just to be clear, “Yahweh” was not among these kings.)

And so it was that humanity spread from the Middle East over the face of the earth after the great cataclysm which flooded the earth. The descendants of Cham migrated to the east and to the south, and populated Africa, and India, and China, and the islands in the far east that were in the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. And the descendants of Japeth migrated to the west and to the north, and populated Europe, and the isles to the north, and their descendants the Scythians populated what became known as the land of Russ, and Siberia, and the lands of the north.

And as men traveled they hunted game and gathered the fruit of the land, and as they settled they learned to farm, and began to grow crops, and raised cattle and sheep, and bartered and traded, and these small communities grew into cities, and set down rules of government, and established laws to protect the weak from the strong, and to protect the rights of individuals from the state, and to protect the community from those who would attempt to rise up and usurp the social order for their own selfish ends, so that men might co-exist together in peace, and in harmony, and so that all might have their rights protected and also so that the poor, the aged, the widow, the orphan, the weak and helpless and the stranger might have their needs fulfilled in a just and equitable manner.

Sistine-Chapel-Ceiling-Noah-After-the-FloodAnd even though men forgot the original revelation given to their father Noah, they still retained much of the wisdom from the past, and from the civilization before the Flood, and the “light that lights every man who comes into the world” still gave men understanding of many of the mysteries of creation, and the image of God, even though corrupted by sin, was still imprinted on the human soul. And men still retained the knowledge of natural law that God had implemented into the creation, and in the east, in the land of Jung Gwo, the Central Country, they called this natural law, and the Way of this law, the Dao, or The Way of Heaven. And men learned how to live according to this natural law, and some who ordered their lives according to it lived to great ages, and they accumulated much knowledge. And there were wise men who kept the wisdom that was handed down to them through the generations from the time of Noah. And the Yellow Emperor was learned in much of this wisdom, and he became the father of Chinese medicine, and taught them of herbs, and of healing, and of the way to balance the forces within the human body so that men might enjoy good health, and live long and fruitful lives.

And in the land of India their sages delved into the mysteries of creation, and sought wisdom, and they recorded this wisdom in their ancient Vedas and Upanishads, and they learned much of God’s moral law for human conduct, and their sages called this law Dharma, and they taught this law to their children, and it was a good law in the beginning, and a noble law, but being removed over the years from the Revelation of their father Noah, they lost site of the original purpose of this law, which was to honor God, and to bring man into fellowship with God, and to help their fellow-man, and they became enamored of temple rites, and ceremonies that God had not instituted, and they began to worship false gods, gods who had not made the heavens and the earth, and they bowed down to idols made of wood, and metal and stone, the work of men’s hands, and as they lost the knowledge of the true God whom Noah, their father had worshiped, the caste system that their ancestors originally established for the division of labor for men to cooperate together, became an ancestral yoke preventing certain classes from enjoying equal rights in society, and from prospering, and the law which was originally meant for man’s weal became a vehicle for the enrichment of a few at the expense of the many.

And so as men wandered over the face of the earth, gradually their understanding of God, and of His righteous judgments and statutes was forgotten, and men ascribed to nature the wondrous works of the Creator, and they ceased to be thankful, and began to live for themselves, and to fulfill their own lusts, and the strong began to oppress the weak, and the rich began to take advantage of the poor, and they began to practice abominable rites, and to commit lewdness and to worship false gods, and demons, and to communicate with spirits of fallen angels, and to attempt to communicate with the dead, and God’s commandment to care for the helpless and the fatherless was forgotten as mankind forgot that all men were created in the image of God, and were loved by Him, and that men should respect the rights of others whom God had created.

And God decided that he would choose one nation through whom He would reveal His Law, the Torah, to the entire human race, and He chose a man to whom He would reveal Himself, through whose seed He would establish this nation, and through this man’s seed all the nations of the earth would eventually be blessed, for through this man’s seed would come not only the Law, but there would also come He who had been promised, a Redeemer, who would lift the curse from mankind that had fallen on them since the beginning….




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