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Are We Not All Creationists?

1612Language barriers are always difficult to overcome, particularly those regarding a more “scientific” rendering of “religious” principles. And so, the discussion of origins devolves into a camp evolution versus camp creation sort of drudgery. Sometimes, I forget the point of it all. What exactly are we arguing about in the first place?

For the simple-minded, it’s about science and reason versus superstition and religion; or the Word of God versus the lies of Satan; or the Believers versus the godless atheists. But what is it really?

I am a creationist who also understands the science of evolution. What do we have in the world around us, if not a creation? And is that creation not a constantly evolving, organic system? Ours is a universe governed by laws and ordered by invisible forces which we understand through what we call “science.” As our understanding evolves, what we consider “scientific” changes accordingly. It is how we grow as a species, through our understanding of the creation we inhabit. Knowing the creation leads to a certain understanding (and appreciation) of the creator, does it not?

Does being a “creationist” make one “religious,” and less “scientific”? I fail to see this correlation. Evolution, scientifically speaking, is a creative process which exhibits the governing laws of the creation. Whether we call it “natural” law, the “laws of nature,” “mother nature” — we are talking about the creation and the forces and laws which govern and shape that creation.

I suppose we could reign-in the argument a bit if we were to apply “scientific” to “evolution” and “creationism” — because there are certainly unscientific elements of both which are often brought to the table. Scientific evolution, referring to the known evolutionary processes which account for changes within species and living organisms over generations and time, which results in variation and statistical spread. Scientific creationism, which sticks to the processes of how and not pertaining to the who or why.

Once we’re settled on that, maybe then we can argue the merits of the specifics, and what we think we know.

Smash-Down of Epic Proportions

So, the “Great Ape Debate” was finally upon us. And it was nothing more than an epic evisceration, with real science prevailing and pseudo-science being exposed. Hopefully, this will take us into a new level of discovery, ridding us finally of the idiotic claims of the clueless….

Ranting and Venting

science5164823cafa96f0c4d00a96eSitting here, as I often do, watching the Science Channel and other Discovery programming, shaking my head. It never ceases to amaze me, the misinformation and falsehoods that passes for fact these days. We are lied to constantly in the name of science, history, biology — yet, we are told that it is tantamount to “child abuse” for any parent to teach children otherwise. Let’s see…

Do I teach my kids that all of life arose spontaneously without any plan or intelligence behind it? No, I do not. That’s ridiculous.

Do I teach my kids that archeologists, paleontologists, anthropologists, and other 20th-century scientists know more about ancient history than the ancient historians? No, I do not. The ancients knew their world better than we ever could.

Do I teach my kids that matter arose from nothing, by pure accident, for no apparent reason? No I do not. That’s idiotic.

Do I teach my kids that dinosaurs lived in an “age of dinosaurs” which died out 65 million years ago, and have never been seen alive by the eyes of man? No, I do not, not with overwhelming evidence suggesting otherwise. We know from The Flintstones that people had dinosaurs as pets!

Do I teach my kids that the universe is held together by “dark matter,” a mysterious unseen force made up to explain the unexplainable? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

I could go on and on with this. The amount of quantifiable hilarity we’re expected to buy into far exceeds anything proposed in all previous ages combined. In fact, I have no doubt the ancients had a far better grasp of reality 3,500 years ago. We have glorified idiotic nonsense as “fact” which makes me want to vomit whenever I hear it.

I suppose I’ll have to spend a few posts going into all this garbage and cutting through the crap. It pisses me off to have to do so, because I have to constantly ask myself, “are we really that stupid???” Collectively, yes, we are. Sadly. Just watch a few minutes of the Science Channel on any given day.

Existential Considerations and the Singularity of Infinite Bang

Big Bang TimelineTurning nothing into everything. In the beginning was The Singularity, a single point of time (at zero point) and space, which was all at once all-encompassing and non-existent, infinitely dense yet technically without mass. A cosmic pustule stuck in the skin separating “existence” from “non-existence.” The singularity, which didn’t exist, exploded, sending massive amounts of matter and energy into existence, causing the beginning of the universe and time, creating all the forces such as gravity and magnetism and electromagnetism.

Where did The Singularity come from, and how did matter form from nothing? Perhaps from the infusion of light and immense heat. We know from particle physics, if we combine matter with anti-matter, it will annihilate each other and yield massive energy (heat) and a pair of photons. Theoretically, time being reversed, the reaction would be reversible. The Singularity, perhaps, formed in negative time.

The source of heat and light: The Scriptures describe God as radiant light, undetectable, immeasurable, timeless, and as far as we can understand, non-existent (non-created); “non-existent” and dwelling in “non-existence” (non-creation) — a being of such intense luminescence, a momentary glance will burn through your retinas and melt your brain.

Perhaps God, by infusing himself into The Singularity, ignited the Big Bang and set creation into motion.

So, why would such an all-powerful creator go through mysterious and enigmatic means to make His existence known? Why give us the “proof” in the form of a book or series of manuscripts, written by men, passed down through the ages in such a way as to call into question how any such process could qualify as “the words of God“? After all, anyone who’s ever lived, as it were, could’ve just as easily written such a fantastical tale, and have it passed down along to us in the form of legend or fable, as “origins of the cosmos.” Why not do something fantastic, like laser-out some indestructible platinum or create a holographic journal, or just pop in now and then to introduce himself physically?

Would people be more inclined to accept Scripture as “God-given” if it was contained in some sort of “magical” form of super-advanced technology? Or would the artifact itself become the primary focus? We have a remarkable tendency to worship “sacred objects,” whether they be “divine” or not. Memorabilia is a hugely lucrative industry. Such artifacts would be fought over and seen as god-like with mystical powers in their own right. Just look at the history of The Shroud of Turin, The Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, and other such relics. We are prone to ascribe sacred power to objects and ignore the message or meaning behind their existence. Or perhaps such an object would become front and center on Ancient Aliens as proof that God is merely an advanced alien who visited in the ancient past.

And as for popping in and showing himself, doing “miracles” to prove he’s god, etc., I would refer you to the cinematic masterpiece, “Star Trek V, The Final Frontier,” where “god” was merely a clever alien with advanced technological powers. A skeptical mind will always believe in a “rational explanation” for every happenstance. I don’t much believe that anyone who genuinely disavows the possibility of the miraculous, will suddenly believe in God just because he shows up and does a few tricks, like healing an amputee or raising someone from the dead. (Someone already tried that once, and not a whole lot of people were all that impressed by it.)

“Proving God” is not within the means of an intellectual exercise, unfortunately. I can point to reason and science to an extent and find enough evidence to my satisfaction, so I have more to go on besides blind faith. Beyond that, our knowledge and scope of reason only go so far. They say God is only for the weak and simple-minded, the only ones dumb enough to believe in God in an age of reason ruled by science. Perhaps they are right. No one’s ever accused me of being all that bright. And I’m perfectly okay with that.

Adam Weren’t No Damn Dirty Ape!

creation_of_adam1How much do we know about ancient history, and how do we know it?

Those who studied history in school might remember a list of names and dates they once had to memorize — the names of emperors and rulers of nations and empires. The context of history has always been established through the studies of individuals, those whose power and influence shaped the world and times in which they lived.

Up through the 1850s, ancient history was clearly delineated from the first humans all the way to present. We knew exactly where we came from and who got us there, from a progression of patriarchs and rulers stretching nearly 6,000 years, as passed down to us by the Egyptians, Hebrews, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and Western cultures —  detailing the proliferation of the human race from Mesopotamia and the origin of the world’s various nation-states.

And then came Darwin. Within a period of fifty years, the history books completely dismissed everything passed down to us from the previous millenia, and the ancient chronologies were completely disregarded.

The question is, how much do we really know from the physical remains of the ancient past? Can archeology definitively invalidate the historicity of the Biblical records? Does anthropology really prove the human race dates back hundreds of thousands of years? The evidence, as it is presented, is irrefutable and absolute fact, that we began in the trees of ancient Africa over millions of years ago. We have the bones to prove it. We have precise scientific dating techniques. The findings are objective and beyond dispute, proving the mythological nature of Biblical narrative.

And yet… according to Gallup in 2012, almost half of all Americans believe Adam and Eve were real people and human history doesn’t go back beyond 10,000 years:

a plurality of Americans—46 percent, to be exact—believe that God made human beings just as they are today sometime in the last 10,000 years. That number is up from 40 percent in 2011 (which was down from 46 percent in 2006).

The number of people who believe God guided the process of evolution over millions of years fell from 38 percent to 32 percent in the last year; during the same period, the number of people who believe God is a lie and humans came from damn dirty apes fell from 16 percent to 15 percent.

I find this quite surprising, especially considering the amount of ridicule one typically receives for professing such belief. I mean, everyone knows it’s all been proven 100% to be false, right? Our entire educational system is predicated on the established Darwinian paradigm, that we evolved from one-celled organisms over billions of years and are the result of natural selection and random chance. All the truly credible experts of recognized science agree in their rejection of the Biblical account. So how can so many people be so willfully ignorant and stupid???

adam and evolutionMaybe it’s not so open and shut as it would seem. No one wants to be perceived as ignorant and be dismissed as a “flat-earth” type of idiotic moron, so very few are willing to reject the status quo publicly. So the prognosticators of the prevailing paradigm assume, from what little resistance they detect, that the overwhelming majority agree with them. This is why, for instance, everyone who professes a belief in the traditional historical order is pretty much dismissed as the only one left in the world who still believes that way — though in truth, in America at least, they’re in plenty of company.

I suppose we would rather trace our history from person to person, rather than bone to bone. From dates and times we can identify with, such as 10,000 years of traceable lineages and civilizations, rather than the incomprehensible eons of millions and billions of years and damn dirty ape ancestors. Who knows?

Thanks for reading.

Why Jesus IS Yahweh, And Time is Not a Dimension

Okay, so I’ve worked it out extensively, and it would indeed be the case, Biblically, that Yahweh is fully Jesus is fully the Spirit. No true separation as in “three-in-one” like I’ve been considering. The distinctions between His manifestations have to do with dimensions and time — and I finally understand how He could be all three at the same time and still be just one “person,” how He could pray as Jesus to Himself as Father and be able to have a conversation with His different selves in “real-time,” how He could be in two planes of existence at once (the created and the uncreated). This is possible because the spiritual realm is beyond the limits of time, just as we as 3-dimensional beings are beyond the limits of the first two dimensions. I will therefore go into all the technical detail to try to explain further, though it may take several posts.

The charge has been made that in order for something to exist, it must exist in time. While this holds true for 3-dimensional time-space, it would not apply to a dimension beyond time-space. According to the Word of God, the Heavenly Domain is eternal (occupying “the fullness of time“) and occupies 4-dimensional space: height, length, breadth, and depth, where “depth” is the dimension beyond our physical perception (a hyperdimension).4d bible

What would such a dimension be like? Changeless, a constant present, an interminable now. God, in this instance, would view our temporal realm as though all events are happening simultaneously (all at once He’s communicating with Himself as Jesus, interacting with Himself as the Holy Spirit filling all of space-time, watching as I write this, and watching the very beginning of the universe).

So, in this regard, not all who perceive spiritual phenomena are delusional. Perhaps they have merely opened what the Eastern mystics refer to as “the Third Eye,” enabling them to perceive this higher dimension (of hyperdimensional space).

Regarding time: it is most definitely not the 4th dimension, not a fundamental property of the universe. This thinking has prevailed for over one hundred years, but is not what Einstein said in his works on Relativity. Einstein stated that X4 = ict. The 4th dimension is not time, rather ict. The concept that time is the 4th dimension has become a Pandora’s box for physicists with too many paradoxes to its name.

Time seems rather an emergent property of quantum entanglement, which is reinforced by the results of an experiment by Ekaterina Moreva, et al, which suggests that time is an emergent phenomenon from an expanding 4th dimension relative to the three spatial dimensions.

The first premise is that this 4th dimension is constantly expanding at a rate of c relative to any one spatial coordinate. It is also moving independently of the three spatial dimensions. The expansion of the 4th dimension can be considered like a 3-D sphere or balloon expanding. The expansion of the 4th dimension also sets the arrow of time. The second premise is that time is essentially a change of state of a photon, which is a carrier of energy; essentially matter riding the expanding 4th dimension.

These two premises explain a number of paradoxes in physics. For example, spooky-action-at-a-distance, or entanglement, is readily understood. If two photons are simultaneously emitted at a single 3-D spatial coordinate they also must share the same local in the 4th dimension. However, as the two photons diverge in the spatial dimensions, they always remain collocated in the 4th dimension, because as photons travel at c they also experience no passage of time. They simply do not age at all; therefore, always occupy the same position in the 4th dimension. This means when you measure or observe one of the photons you also change the state of the other entangled photon instantaneously, regardless of the 3-D spatial separation. Remember that the act of observing or measuring a photon collapses its probability wave in quantum mechanics.

A probability wave expands at a rate of c until it is observed or measured (forcing its collapse). At that point the “matter” that resided in the 4th dimension is transformed into its 3-D localized spatial dimensions. In the case of our two diverging photons, both are an expanding probability wave. Over the course of one second the wave front expands in the 3-D spatial universe in a spherical fashion with a radius of 3 X 108 m/s. There is equal probability of finding both photons at any one point on the skin of that imaginary sphere. While the probabilities that the two photons would be collocated on that 3-D sphere are infinitesimally small, they are collocated at a single local in the 4th dimension. The probability of two photons emitted from a common locality occupying the same position on the spherical wave front is approximately zero. They are infinitely more likely to have some degree of physical separation due to the huge number of Planck points that represent the skin of the wave front sphere.

Why is this important? Because all particles that experience thermal vibrations interact with photons (the transfer messenger of energy) and all photons reside in the 4th dimension, which is expanding and drives the random disorder we observe as chaos. How do we know the rate that the 4th dimension is expanding? The simple answer is that when a theoretical object propagates through 3-D space at c, its on-board clock stops (as per Relativity) and that would mean that the object is not moving with respect to the 4th dimension. However, an object at rest in 3-D space must be moving through the 4th dimension at a rate of c.

Juggling this seems a little difficult, but the important factor to consider is that what Relativity shows us applies in both the 3-D spatial dimensions as well as the 4th dimension. This is what it means when I say that the 4th dimension is expanding at a rate of c relative to a given 3D spatial set of coordinates.

* The supporting physics for this is nothing more than Einstein’s derivation dx4 / dt = ic.

Macbooks Prove God Exists

Wow. Incredible news. God’s existence has been verified by science and mathematics using Macbooks. The findings are irrefutable:

Scientists “prove” that God exists by analyzing a theory posed by mathematician Kurt Godel.

Here’s what Christoph Benzmüller of Berlin’s Free University and Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo came up with: “God, by definition, is that for which no greater can be conceived. God exists in the understanding. If God exists in the understanding, we could imagine Him to be greater by existing in reality. Therefore, God must exist” (via The Inquisitr).

So scientists “prove” God exists by providing a philosophical answer that fails to give concrete reason — but people are sort of rolling with it. However, the scientific theory posed above checks out and is sound… scientifically, even if you don’t really understand it. It was basically a numbers game… and two guys proved the theory using their Macbooks.

“It’s totally amazing that from this argument led by Gödel, all this stuff can be proven automatically in a few seconds or even less on a standard notebook,” said Benzmüller.

The fact that Macbooks were used for this makes it absolute truth. Sorry atheists. All your arguments are now invalid!

Lucifer and Creation

An interesting concept to consider is that all supernatural beings existed before space-time, and in a sense, have always existed. And I would argue, the same would be true of us, our soul-spirit core has always been, neither created or destroyed. (In this respect, the act of creation was not so much ex-nihilo as it was putting all the pieces together into a cohesive design by a master craftsman).

Let’s refer to the realm beyond time-space as Eternia. We cannot comprehend or visualize it very well, because we cannot relate to reality without a reference to time. Thinking of an omnipresent “spiritual goo” is bizarre, but I would argue, true. The life force of all living creatures (intelligent animals and man, creatures with souls) has always existed. The Most High matriculated from this goo, branching off into three distinct forms, one of ultimate concentrated power and mass (The Most High), one of Spiritual projection (a projection of His power and omniscience) and one of solid mass (Yeshua). The heavenly host of beings, which also came out of this, were shaped through the will of the Most High in a process I don’t pretend to understand, but the result was a hierarchy including, by my understanding, trillions of beings. At the top, was Lucifer. He was the Angel of Light, the most beautiful of all created beings, and second in power only to the Most High. Lucifer is described as a Cherub.

The Scriptures describe Cherubim as: “In appearance their form was that of a man, but each of them had four faces and four wings. Their legs were straight; their feet were like those of a calf and gleamed like burnished bronze. Under their wings on their four sides they had the hands of a man. All four of them had faces and wings, and their wings touched one another. Each one went straight ahead; they did not turn as they moved. Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of a man, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle. Such were their faces. Their wings were spread out upward; each had two wings, one touching the wing of another creature on either side, and two wings covering its body. Each one went straight ahead. Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, without turning as they went. The appearance of the living creatures was like burning coals of fire or like torches. Fire moved back and forth among the creatures; it was bright, and lightning flashed out of it. The creatures sped back and forth like flashes of lightning.”

I find it interesting that all the basic forms of man and animal were somewhat derived from what already existed in heavenly beings. Yeshua was the proto-human, literally God-in-flesh as he existed in Eternia. And then all the characteristics and features of Cherubim and Seraphim and all the various angels, and possibly thousands of other beings, were used to design the animal kingdom. (I’m going to write a short story called “A Day in the Workshop of Creation” about all the top minds in Eternia sitting around a table hammering out design concepts for time-space, planets, animals, etc…).

The true story of the Big Bang: What began as a single point became infused with incomprehensible amounts of matter and energy, which in an instant exploded into time and space at a rate of expansion we can hardly wrap our minds around. At this point the expansion and formation was guided by the fabric of the Spirit, causing matter to stick and gravity to attract, imposing ordered chaos through the laws of physics which He maintained and implemented.

If we apply the laws of relativity to Genesis, the days of creation become far less defined. God, who is timeless, referencing a “day” in a timeless beginning — I’ve seen where some have applied logarithmic expansion to the age of the universe, and what we end up with is about 8 billion years (from our perspective) passing on “day 1”, 4 billion on “day 2”, 2 billion on “day 3”, and so on, and it’s noteworthy how closely the time-scales match up with the estimates of many scientists. Much of the ambiguity over the “days” of creation arise from the phrases “evening” and “morning.” The Hebrew words refer to a “rest” and a “rise” — think about it as cranking up the entropy from chaos to order, building up the Zero Point Energy level, winding up the cosmic spring.

Okay, so back to Lucifer. Described as a great musician and artistic genius, he would be a logical choice to head up the design team for creation models. I imagine it this way. As the CEO in charge of product design in the Workshop, he laid out many of the animal forms and features, and was proud of his work. His design team had some great stuff. Yeshua approved most of them, and was particularly impressed with the behemoths whose massive size pushed the limits of size and grandeur. Lucifer was well pleased, and was thrilled with Yeshua’s congratulatory words and praise.

Life first began in the oceans, then the birds appeared, followed by the land animals (during a methodical process of trial and error and modification, superficially similar to “evolution” but far more complex and advanced.) Lucifer aided and guided the processes and watched his designs thrive, working side-by-side with Yeshua and the Most High. And then… it got ugly. Elohim (the council of Three-in-one forms of God) devised a mirror image of Himself, supreme to all other life on earth, a replication of Yeshua, possessing body, soul, and spirit (3-in-1). Lucifer became furious. He watched in horror as this “human” race was granted dominion over his proud handiwork. His resentment flew out of control. A third of the angels sided with him and they took their grievances to the Most High. Lucifer’s heart turned evil (though Scriptures indicate he was “a liar from the beginning“ so perhaps he was evil all along). His hatred for God and His human creation burned bright and darkened his soul. Most of all, he hated Yeshua. At this point, the opposing sides reached an agreement which saved a full-scale war, at least for the time being. Lucifer would take his minions out of Eternia forever and in exchange was proclaimed ruler of the earth, and perhaps other parts of the cosmos. (I believe angels and fallen angels fought battles over conflicting claims, but this is pure conjecture). At this moment the rules regarding eternal consequences for sin and rebellion against the Most High were laid out and enacted, and the plan for Redemption was set in motion after Lucifer’s act of entering “The Garden” bringing about the Fall.

His seductive influence has brought bloodshed and carnage and untold human suffering, filling our ears with half-truths and promises of greatness and power, and the delusion that “the devil” is a hideous monster, keeping us looking for the monster while he fools us as “the light.” For this reason, anytime someone claims infusion of enlightenment and truth, one should be alarmed. A deception could be in play. The best way to know is by verifying with Scripture, and whether “the light” is directing people towards love and peace and righteousness (the nature of God), rather than conflict and hate and personal glory for one’s self as a “master” or “demigod”, like David Koresh or Jimmy Jones or a whole host of other cult leaders.

Just a thought. Thanks for reading.

The Cosmic Force

The inspired mind is locked into the Stream. Just put your fingers on the keyboard and type without knowledge of what is coming; hands and fingers moving faster than ever and still not keeping up with flow. Understandings beyond anything pondered or imagined. Just write and write and write and don’t stop until you collapse from exhaustion. Write without notes or idea outlines. Just write and write while your eyes are looking else where. This is not normal. This is savant territory. Such is the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

We are not machines. Machine men. Living a life of fleeting highs and crushing lows and darkness without end. We are more than a paycheck. Our time here is but the briefest of moments. We must make each moment count, treating others with respect, as your brother or sister or mother or father. Love them through God’s Spirit, for He is love. Show no prejudice. Hold back no kind words. Help and assist and offer helpful advice without expectation of return. Live selflessly. Every moment of every day, without exception. The Spirit is eternal and never sleeps.

The Spirit is not a thing. He is an entity which encompasses the entire fabric and force of all things throughout time and space. Filled with this Spirit, we are connected to every single atom, quark, quanta. Every thought, every image, natural force, cosmic body, every moment of the universe, flows within the Spirit’s vibration. He occupies the entire time-space continuum. Every galaxy, super nova, shooting star. Every breeze, cloud, hurricane, tidal wave, volcano. This is what it says in Scripture. The Eastern mystics all examine and investigate and write down their assessment of The Holy Spirit through concepts of Qi, Karma, the Cosmic Stream, Cosmic Strings, Infinite Wisdom, The Force. One can easily bridge the gap and pull these together and see how they intertwine.

Cosmic Pickles

In the beginning, there was no space, and time was fuzzy. Oh and there was this Singularity.

This Singularity, being single, was granted extra syllables, which is how a simple word transforms into the infinitely complex creator of everything. Single becomes Singular becomes Singularity.

Try it out! Simple. Simplistic. Simplisticity. Ha! “Well, first we must understand the nature of simplisticity.” See how it works? We’re making science!

And this is how we deal with cosmic pickles. Like, where did everything come from? We have to account for the presence of matter, “which is neither created or destroyed,” which by definition suggests it is eternal. But nothing within the time-space continuum can be eternal, without being extra-dimensional. Matter is therefore not extra-dimensional, by definition. This, then, is a paradox.

When there is a paradox, we must find another explanation to resolve it, or else our current understanding is not balanced, not entirely cohesive. A theistic explanation satisfies by stating an extra-dimensional source of intellectual design is at play. However, an atheistic approach will never consider any acknowledgement of “design” which would allow for a “designer” (although I would argue that they do anyway, by assigning intelligence and omnipotence to “the singularity” and “evolution” and “nature”).

Everything in existence, we are told, is a product of random chaos (though we now know, even chaos possesses order). The model which most of “leading scientists” seem to promote is, in the beginning was The Singularity, a single point of time and space, which was all at once all-encompassing and non-existent, infinitely dense yet technically without mass. The concept, it seems, is that of a cosmic pustule stuck in the skin separating reality from non-reality. A great space vacuum or sort of phantom zone. There is no basis for this, except that an explanation must be made to explain what the atheistic model cannot explain through the lots-and-lots-of-time + lifeless-matter + random-chance = creation-of-everything model. The singularity, which didn’t exist, exploded, sending massive amounts of matter and energy into existence, causing the beginning of the universe, creating all the forces such as gravity and magnetism and electromagnetism.

And that, apparently, is how nothing created everything. That is one heck of a work of science.


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