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Glass Rain

azure-blue-exoplanetWhenever a new “discovery” hits the presses nowadays, it depresses me knowing it cannot be believed at face value. Nothing we are told anymore about anything regarding “new knowledge” or discoveries can be believed. Every story comes with a catch or angle or spin. And given the preponderance of ignorance in the idiocracy, you can bet the “facts” and “findings” have not been arrived upon using a great deal of logic or honesty. Phrases such as, “leading experts,” “scientists,” “it is widely accepted,” “scientists theorize / estimate,” are just another way of saying, this is the story we’re selling so don’t ask questions or think, just accept. After all, these are leading experts.

How does someone become regarded as leading? Your boss at work, I’m sure, is the smartest and most competent one in the office, right? And our government is composed of the absolute most intelligent and brilliant men of integrity. Wait. What?

Office politics. Rules of academia (accreditation, peer acceptance and reaffirmation, group-think). Popularity. Association. These are all factors which determine who is a leading expert. Not competence or intelligence or integrity. Telling me that so-and-so says something, is meaningless. Is so-and-so God? I would advise doing a little digging into how “accepted” knowledge came to fruition.

The latest “major discovery” that they’re promoting is this big blue ball of glass. I will credit them with imagination, at least. I love different concepts such as glass rain and iron rain and lakes of hydrocarbons. And then all the possible implications of how this would play out, physical properties, interactions. Fun fun stuff. But is it really true? No. Because these are the same people telling me the supreme complexity of EVERYTHING came from absolutely nothing. These are NOT intelligent people. They only excel in fabricating stories and perpetuating made-up pseudoscience. And their stories are dumb and unimaginative for the most part. So all at once, I am insulted by their smugness and their pathetic lack of vision.

And therefore, as I compile by Theory of Everything, I’ll include my own myths and stories of “wouldn’t this be cool???” And it will RULE!!!


They say there are monsters in the cosmos that can swallow entire stars, millions and millions of black holes zipping around our galaxy, beyond the reach of everything therein to light them up, dark remnants of burned-out stars, anomalies of gravity so strange that there is nothing more seductive to the imagination.

E=MC squared, that is the secret of the stars. A beautifully elegant theory where space and time are bent by stars and planets; time and space bent and curved within the inter-tonality of interstellar vibration. The music of the suns, electromagnetic pulses of photoelectric light, more majestic than the human ear is designed to comprehend, a solar song whose rhapsody echoes and reverberates through distant worlds and across the universal seas of time.

The Creator of all things, the owner of the Book of Everything, whose very existence can only be questioned through the willful subjugation of the highest mind, injects and infuses particles of light, the light which ignites the centers of stars and stretches out the cosmic clouds of plasmic plumes across the span of time; who by His very essence is visible to everything that sees the things the eyes can see, from the emergent birth of the sluggish dawn to the quiet platitudes of evening dusk, because by creating the light He Himself became the Light.

The Religion of Science

To understand the world, you must understand what equations mean, and not just know mathematical constructs.

We have, in the palms of our hands, the sum total of all the collected knowledge in the history of the world. At any point during any day, regardless of location, we have access to this immense information via our smart phones. Why, then, does our understanding of the universe and our existence remain no more accurate than were the Mayans or the Babylonians?

I love science. I love learning and comprehending new concepts. How can one know how to live, if one does not know what life truly is? Science, as it is now, is like religion; less interested in facts than it is in the pursuit of Truth. Science is supposed to be based on observable laws, and in accordance to the scientific method, empirically proven in order to establish factuality. Explanation and meaning of the data is open to interpretation. Interpretation is based of the conclusions of the interpreter. The interpreter will conclude based on observation of the data, coupled with preconceived notions and a relative system of belief or paradigm. When a sizable consensus of “established” interpreters agree on an interpretation, it becomes “scientific”. And to become an “established” interpreter, one must first be in agreement with all that is considered “scientific”. And thus, what is scientific is subjective and based on interpretation.

For this reason, I never accept science on blind faith. Science is man-made, and man is not all-knowing. Unlike God. And since I believe God has revealed Himself in Scripture, anytime science conflicts with the source of Truth, science must be wrong.

I am constantly amused at the irony of scientists who disparage Scripture as erroneous and unscientific. There is more truth on any one page of Scripture than there is in most science books. The notion that religion should be kept out of science is laughable, because science is itself a religion, the current State Religion of the United States.

But, like any religion, there are elements of truth in science. It provides a good deal of useful equations and observations. And I find the shows on The Science Channel and the like quite entertaining for the most part, I suppose, to the level of entertainment an Atheist would probably derive from watching a show about Creation Science, except my mind is a little more open and receptive to nuggets of truth.

So, how can science become less religious? Well, how about just presenting the data. Stop preaching to us about what it means. Leave that for religions and philosophers. And please stop the absurdity of looking for evidence solely for the purpose of proving your own religion — just investigate what is plainly there, and not what you insist MUST BE THERE. Why must every study of astronomy center around the Big Bang or whether or not something might possibly contain a speck of life? Oh that’s right, because of evolution, the focal point of their religion, the creator of all life, the master of the universe. This will explain the reason that most of the time, they don’t have a clue WHAT they’re looking for, because in reality, since the Big Bang and macro evolution (and the process by which lifeless matter becomes complex living organisms) has never been observed or reproduced in a laboratory (via the scientific method), no one knows the process or how to find the proofs they’re looking for.

Scripture tells us where life came from and how the universe began. Life did not come from lifeless matter. Life came from life. Every cell comes from another cell. This fact has never been disproven. I consider myself far less religious than the establishment scientists, because unlike them, I am not seeking to prove my creator exists. I am only interested in understanding the facts. I don’t need to explain God or have someone else try to explain Him. How exactly does one explain a God who has no beginning and who creates something out of nothing, life from lifelessness?

Scripture, which contains the meaning of all things, allows us the opportunity to understand science and the universe in a way which is impossible otherwise. And while I appreciate the data which science provides, its current paradigm is absolutely useless to me. Facts are stubborn things.

Elohim and the Vibration of Light

And the earth, she-became chaos and vacancy, and darkness-became over surfaces-of abyss; and spirit-of Elohim, vibrating over surfaces-of the waters; and he-is-saying, Elohim, he-shall-become light, and he-is-becoming light; and he-is-seeing, Elohim, the light that is good; and he-is-separating, Elohim, between the light and between the darkness…

Genesis 1 in its rawest form, transliterates into English like a song. God, as Elohim, whose spirit vibrates and charges up the atmosphere, speaks of light, and light becomes.

The early Earth, without the sun, without the moon, alone in space, a bright primordial ball. The center of all creation.

At what speed, I wonder, did light, which God became, move across the Earth? God, beyond measure, became light beyond measure.

Conventional science will tell a different tale. But where were they when light began? The quantum universe has breath and thought outside of time. Where time has no meaning, our reason does not apply.

The universe is finite and breathed into existence. At what moment did the it become? If light was infinite, could 8 billion years go by at once?

The vibrance of God surrounds us.

The Propitiation of Reciprocity Principle

Every molecule that comprises our physical convergence is in harmony with every other molecule in the universe. The universe at all times must achieve a balance, a steady state. Therefore, every single thought, every action, is a product of non-localized harmonetics. We are responsible only in what we comprehend. Failure to comprehend creates a propitiation of reciprocity, the outcome of which, will no doubt, be negative.

Another way to say this is, we have a predetermined free-will paradox which is resolved by the fact that the pre-determining factor is our level of comprehension regarding the inevitable outcome, which is inversely proportional to propitiational reciprocity.

Changing Paradigms

Apparently, we have known for over twenty years that the speed of light is decreasing, and that the atomic clock is slowing down. I’d never heard about this until I went digging through the internet and happened upon these facts by accident.

The fabric of space is held in place by magnetic plasma charged with Zero Point Energy. (At absolute zero, a tiny amount of “empty space” contains considerably more energy than the combined energy of every star in the universe.) And as the Zero Point Energy increases with time, a threshold is reached, and all atoms simultaneously take up a new energy state throughout the cosmos. The light emitted from these atoms will become bluer as time increases. This is what we see in the Red Shift, as the farther we look out in space, the redder the light will be; the lower the ZPE; the higher the speed of light. This has a HUGE effect on the rates of radioactive decay, because it means time moved exponentially faster (at the atomic level) the farther back we go. Depending on how far back in time you go, you could have millions of atomic years passing in a single orbital year. Suddenly, the geologic age of our planet (over 6 billion atomic years) doesn’t seem so old. This would appear to be a fact. The math proves it. The paradigm has shifted. “Science” needs to catch up, but I suspect it never will. Oh well. Science has always been more myth than reality.

In the Beginning…

I’ve been thinking a lot about meaning. Reality. Time. God. Heaven. Hell. Angels. Demons. The Beginning. The End. Truth.

I am 42 years old. I have spent 35 years of my life studying, learning, unlearning, relearning. I study constantly. And the more I learn, the more I realize how truly limited we are in what we know, in what we think we know, and what we can understand of our existence.

In the beginning, God created the four dimensions that we currently occupy. Space-time. A digital projection of reality inside the true physical reality which encompasses ten dimensions. For most of us, the pain and suffering we experience during this “experiment” will be the only pain and suffering we will ever experience during an existence which will never end. For the others, however, the suffering after this will be intense and without mercy, forever. The stakes of the choices we make here, in such limited time, will determine the fate of our eternal soul. The kind of car we drive, the work we do, the clothes we wear, the house we live in and all the stuff we have — none of it matter. Our bodies, made from earth, return to earth, and we move beyond these walls and into the permanent reality which we currently cannot see nor fully comprehend.

In the beginning… this universe, with its many echoes in multiverses, began as an empty room, like a warehouse or movie stage, constructed by God. He filled the room with light, which created quanta and ignited the creation of all things. His signature is evident everywhere we look. He is inescapable. And I am in awe.


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