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God, Death, Existence and Time

Spirit Soul Has No DeathMy existence is predicated upon consciousness, referred to in metaphysical circles as “the soul” — a massless, formless living force, a “spirit.” I am not a product of my physical manifestation. I am not a machine, defined by neurons and synapses and the complexities of the human brain. We can map out our brains and determine which parts are involved with which functions, but our brain does not define us, it merely facilitates us by translating our CODEC. Our body is a machine, our brain a complex CPU. And I am the software, the “ghost in the machine.”

The point at which mass becomes less than the smallest particle, the quark, matter loses locality (becoming undefined by physical laws as we currently understand them). Undetectable, immeasurable, timeless, and as far as we can understand, non-existent. Such is the nature of the “spirit.”

God as spirit, in this understanding, is “non-existent” and His domain, “non-existence.” The paradox of a non-existent being existing in a non-existent plane of existence is, in fact, how the Bible describes God. He does not exist in any concept we have of “existence.” And the only time He ever “existed,” he plugged himself into the body of what we know as Jesus Christ, though since he was human, was no longer God. And yet he was. He was limited and fallible like us, and yet he wasn’t. So the only way we can see him as God, is when he is not appearing to us as God, since God is formless and immeasurable.

If God has always existed, what was He doing before He created the universe? Since time did not (and still doesn’t) exist, God did not have time to do anything “before” time. This is rather difficult to grasp.

The Theory of Relativity does not apply to a world in which time is non-existent. When we consider the psychological aspects of time, we are again dealing with the relativity, but relativity as experienced, rather than as measured. We are still dealing with time, but not with eternity. There is neither measured nor experienced relativity of time in a purely spiritual world, because time belongs to the physical order.

It can be argued that in experience, the passage of time could be so rapid as to be virtually eclipsed. It would appear that you could experience timelessness within the natural order. This is confusing because it implies that if a thing is small enough, it is nothing at all. This is analogous to saying that there is no fundamental between something and nothing; or, to use a more familiar idea at the other end of the scale, that infinity is merely a very, very large number. However, infinity differs from a very large number for the important reason that if you subtract one from a very large number (no matter how large it is), you have one less: if you subtract one from infinity, you still have infinity.

Time stands in the same relation to eternity, in one sense, as a large number does to infinity. There is a sense in which infinity includes a very large number, yet it is quite fundamentally different and independent of it. And by analogy, eternity includes time and yet is fundamentally something other. The reduction of time until it gets smaller and smaller is still not eternity; nor do we reach eternity by an extension of time to great length. There is no direct pathway between time and eternity: they are different categories of experiences.

The fundamental point is when we step out of time, we step into eternity, and while we cannot be in them both at once, God, according to the Bible, is able to so. Some passages come to mind immediately in support of the view that God lives outside the ordinary limitations of time as we experience it. For example, “Before Abraham was, I am” (John 8:58). If we make the period before Abraham to be represented by the letter A, Abraham’s time by the letter B, and the time of speaking by the letter C, we have the three periods A, B, C amalgamated as one and the tenses confused as though C preceded A. What we might have expected to find was, “Before Abraham was, I was” — which would have satisfied our normal sense of time.

eternityChrist took Abraham’s time as the pivot and spoke of two periods balanced on either side, namely, the ages which preceded Abraham, and all that followed (including the present). He then deliberately picked up the present and put it back before Abraham, but still referred to that distant period in the present tense. Though it was centuries ago, to Christ it was “now.” Even if He was here today, He would still refer to the time before Abraham as the “present” time. Why? Because He is God, and to God there is no passage of time, but all is “present.” The reaction of the Jewish authorities to His statement suggests that in some strange way they had understood what He meant. The mystery of God’s name, as revealed to Moses in Exodus 3:13,14 “the One who is existing always in the present” is unlocked here.

When a Christian dies, from this understanding, they pass from this realm of time and space into another realm of pure spirit, out of time as we experience it into a state of timelessness, the ever-present of God‘s domain. As they make this passage, every event in the future passes instantly before them, completed instantaneously. As each of us passes, we therefore experience no death nor the slightest pause in consciousness, nor even any sense of departure from those who remain.

The experience would be the same for everyone. All history, all intervening time between death and the end of time, is suddenly annihilated so that each person from the very first to the very last, is just dying and arriving in a single instant together, without precedence and without the slightest consciousness of delay. Scripture twice affirms, observing events from our point of view, that no man has yet ascended into heaven (John 3:13), not even David (Acts 2:34). And yet, when we are absent from the body, we are present with the Lord in eternity. David is not there yet, nor any others, because we are not there.

Ultimately, we will dwell in a “new heaven and a new earth,” so perhaps time will always be with us thenceforth. But we shall experience time not as limitation, but as opportunity. Time will not be continually running out as it is now; unlimited time for unlimited adventure.

This is, of course, purely hypothetical, and just a thought. Thanks for reading.

Why Jesus IS Yahweh, And Time is Not a Dimension

Okay, so I’ve worked it out extensively, and it would indeed be the case, Biblically, that Yahweh is fully Jesus is fully the Spirit. No true separation as in “three-in-one” like I’ve been considering. The distinctions between His manifestations have to do with dimensions and time — and I finally understand how He could be all three at the same time and still be just one “person,” how He could pray as Jesus to Himself as Father and be able to have a conversation with His different selves in “real-time,” how He could be in two planes of existence at once (the created and the uncreated). This is possible because the spiritual realm is beyond the limits of time, just as we as 3-dimensional beings are beyond the limits of the first two dimensions. I will therefore go into all the technical detail to try to explain further, though it may take several posts.

The charge has been made that in order for something to exist, it must exist in time. While this holds true for 3-dimensional time-space, it would not apply to a dimension beyond time-space. According to the Word of God, the Heavenly Domain is eternal (occupying “the fullness of time“) and occupies 4-dimensional space: height, length, breadth, and depth, where “depth” is the dimension beyond our physical perception (a hyperdimension).4d bible

What would such a dimension be like? Changeless, a constant present, an interminable now. God, in this instance, would view our temporal realm as though all events are happening simultaneously (all at once He’s communicating with Himself as Jesus, interacting with Himself as the Holy Spirit filling all of space-time, watching as I write this, and watching the very beginning of the universe).

So, in this regard, not all who perceive spiritual phenomena are delusional. Perhaps they have merely opened what the Eastern mystics refer to as “the Third Eye,” enabling them to perceive this higher dimension (of hyperdimensional space).

Regarding time: it is most definitely not the 4th dimension, not a fundamental property of the universe. This thinking has prevailed for over one hundred years, but is not what Einstein said in his works on Relativity. Einstein stated that X4 = ict. The 4th dimension is not time, rather ict. The concept that time is the 4th dimension has become a Pandora’s box for physicists with too many paradoxes to its name.

Time seems rather an emergent property of quantum entanglement, which is reinforced by the results of an experiment by Ekaterina Moreva, et al, which suggests that time is an emergent phenomenon from an expanding 4th dimension relative to the three spatial dimensions.

The first premise is that this 4th dimension is constantly expanding at a rate of c relative to any one spatial coordinate. It is also moving independently of the three spatial dimensions. The expansion of the 4th dimension can be considered like a 3-D sphere or balloon expanding. The expansion of the 4th dimension also sets the arrow of time. The second premise is that time is essentially a change of state of a photon, which is a carrier of energy; essentially matter riding the expanding 4th dimension.

These two premises explain a number of paradoxes in physics. For example, spooky-action-at-a-distance, or entanglement, is readily understood. If two photons are simultaneously emitted at a single 3-D spatial coordinate they also must share the same local in the 4th dimension. However, as the two photons diverge in the spatial dimensions, they always remain collocated in the 4th dimension, because as photons travel at c they also experience no passage of time. They simply do not age at all; therefore, always occupy the same position in the 4th dimension. This means when you measure or observe one of the photons you also change the state of the other entangled photon instantaneously, regardless of the 3-D spatial separation. Remember that the act of observing or measuring a photon collapses its probability wave in quantum mechanics.

A probability wave expands at a rate of c until it is observed or measured (forcing its collapse). At that point the “matter” that resided in the 4th dimension is transformed into its 3-D localized spatial dimensions. In the case of our two diverging photons, both are an expanding probability wave. Over the course of one second the wave front expands in the 3-D spatial universe in a spherical fashion with a radius of 3 X 108 m/s. There is equal probability of finding both photons at any one point on the skin of that imaginary sphere. While the probabilities that the two photons would be collocated on that 3-D sphere are infinitesimally small, they are collocated at a single local in the 4th dimension. The probability of two photons emitted from a common locality occupying the same position on the spherical wave front is approximately zero. They are infinitely more likely to have some degree of physical separation due to the huge number of Planck points that represent the skin of the wave front sphere.

Why is this important? Because all particles that experience thermal vibrations interact with photons (the transfer messenger of energy) and all photons reside in the 4th dimension, which is expanding and drives the random disorder we observe as chaos. How do we know the rate that the 4th dimension is expanding? The simple answer is that when a theoretical object propagates through 3-D space at c, its on-board clock stops (as per Relativity) and that would mean that the object is not moving with respect to the 4th dimension. However, an object at rest in 3-D space must be moving through the 4th dimension at a rate of c.

Juggling this seems a little difficult, but the important factor to consider is that what Relativity shows us applies in both the 3-D spatial dimensions as well as the 4th dimension. This is what it means when I say that the 4th dimension is expanding at a rate of c relative to a given 3D spatial set of coordinates.

* The supporting physics for this is nothing more than Einstein’s derivation dx4 / dt = ic.

Why Jesus is NOT Yahweh

god-jesusIn “Santa God, part 1,” I agreed with atheists that God in the form of Santa God did not exist — this sort of invisible sky-daddy, cosmic space bubble god which floats around voyeuristically watching us and keeping score of our goods and bads with his finger on the “destroy“ button constantly ready to zap us. I also alluded to the difficulty of conceptualizing an entity which exists outside of time, given our inability to comprehend such an existence, particularly how such an entity would relate to and interact with “reality” in spacetime.

Keep in mind that Eternity is not a realm with unlimited time. It is a realm without time at all. This is what we refer to as the “spiritual dimension,” or “astral plane,” where the laws of physics as we understand them do not exist — making it necessary to seek more tangible ways for our basic understanding in a time-based, matter-infused, digital reality. In this respect, it is not so much whether or not God or spiritual beings exist, but rather finding an adequate way to conceptualize it.

According to Genesis, in the beginning “Elohim” created the heavens and the earth. “In the beginning,” referring to the beginning of the spacetime universe, since Eternity has no beginning and has always existed. The continuity of force admits of neither creation nor annihilation, but demands an unseen universe, out of which the visible has been produced “by an intelligent agency residing in the unseen,” and into which it must eventually return (The Unseen Universe, pp. 167, 170).

Elohim here is plural, though is translated in English as “God,” which denotes an entity with a multiplicity of God-and-JesusDivine powers, the threefold personality of the Godhead. Separate but equal entities, co-existing as the fulcrum of all existence.

According to Scripture, Jesus was with the Father (YHWH), with equal Divine authority, yet with different functionality and roles, joined together through their Holy Spirit as “God.” The Godhead is the governing head of all existence. (Just as the governing head of the U.S. of Eh?, where we have the Legislative Congress, the Judiciary Supreme Court, and the Executive President, separate but equal, with different roles and powers.)

By this understanding, Jesus is not YHWH. He is “God,” as “Elohim.” But he is not YHWH, not the “Father,” not the Holy Spirit. Jesus is God. YHWH is God. The Holy Spirit is God. But they are not each other.

Those Crazy Christians

Suck It, Atheists. Wahahahaha!!!

Invocation-by-WJMNow that Macbooks have proven conclusively beyond any doubt that God exists, I wonder how long it will be before atheism finally dies. I mean, I’ve done the math myself. Checked it twice. Turns out, it all adds up to God, with a remainder of 1. (What the remainder means, is anyone’s guess.)

By interesting coincidence, I just so happened to have met William J. Murray this past Sunday when I went to listen to him speak for a bit. For the uninitiated, Mr. Murray is the son of the late Madalyn Murray O’Hair, founder of American Atheists who led the charge in banning God from public life. Though raised as a militant pro-communist atheist, Mr. Murray had an epiphany in 1980 and switched from atheism to becoming a born-again Christian, and has since become a major Christian evangelist. How in the world could this happen? Here was a man who openly mocked the faith he now devotes his entire life to, and he’s very brazen about it. Is he merely confused? Brainwashed by maniacal evangelical super-agents? Or perhaps, maybe, just maybe, there actually is a God who revealed Himself just as he claims.

9780840752567I know it’s not very intellectual to suggest the existence of anything that hasn’t been confirmed by mainstream science. But what the heck do they know? Dark Matter? Seriously?? Maybe they should invest in a few Macbooks and catch up with things. God’s a proven fact now, so the debate is over. Sheesh.

I guess the thing that’s always bummed me out about atheism is, well, it’s BORING and completely unimaginative. And depressing as hell. Who the heck wants to just have a few years here on this earth and then just poof out of existence?? LAME. At least give me some reincarnation or disembodied spirit action. I’m far too imaginative to just go with a fizzle. Plus, it doesn’t explain much of anything that really matters in a way that makes any sense to me. There is a greater reality than this little virtual exercise in spacetime. We’ve always known it, since the very beginning of our existence back in 4004 BCE, when man and dinosaur lived in harmony and talking serpents hung out in fruit trees. Get over it already.

Macbooks Prove God Exists

Wow. Incredible news. God’s existence has been verified by science and mathematics using Macbooks. The findings are irrefutable:

Scientists “prove” that God exists by analyzing a theory posed by mathematician Kurt Godel.

Here’s what Christoph Benzmüller of Berlin’s Free University and Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo came up with: “God, by definition, is that for which no greater can be conceived. God exists in the understanding. If God exists in the understanding, we could imagine Him to be greater by existing in reality. Therefore, God must exist” (via The Inquisitr).

So scientists “prove” God exists by providing a philosophical answer that fails to give concrete reason — but people are sort of rolling with it. However, the scientific theory posed above checks out and is sound… scientifically, even if you don’t really understand it. It was basically a numbers game… and two guys proved the theory using their Macbooks.

“It’s totally amazing that from this argument led by Gödel, all this stuff can be proven automatically in a few seconds or even less on a standard notebook,” said Benzmüller.

The fact that Macbooks were used for this makes it absolute truth. Sorry atheists. All your arguments are now invalid!

The Workshop

73f042ede91411a970c21380c97101beHe strode into HQ, flushed with creative energy. “I have the designs.”

The others gathered around the table, chattering amongst themselves while sorting through the plans.

“These are all splendidly arranged. My complements on your work, Lucifer.”

Lucifer bowed graciously. “My Lord. You are indeed charitable.”

Hundreds of angels and empyreal beings busied themselves with The Plan. Lucifer finished the final touches, and handed it to the Creator.

Seconds later, a bolt of radiance streaked into the oceans. The Plan became life.

Time accelerated, millions of years in a second, billions in a day. The oceans teemed with life.

The bolt of radiance then struck the ground. Moments later, animals and insects of all kinds scurried about.

Lucifer and the seraphs recognized themselves in the creatures of earth; their own faces and features everywhere they gazed. The Plan was perfect.

But this was day five. Day six would change EVERYTHING.

The Greatest Speech of All Time

Charlie Chaplin was not just a comedic genius. He was a master film maker, a brilliant actor, and a tremendously powerful speaker, as evident in this clip from his masterpiece, “The Great Dictator (1940)”.

I have yet to hear this speech without getting goosebumps. Such resonance and authority. The message is timeless.

“We think too much, and feel too little…”

Lessons of 9/11

9-11-flagLive each day as though it were your last.

Put an end to petty jealousies. Forgive all those who have wronged you. The freedom from letting go is overwhelming in intensity.

Share the gratitude of your heart with all those around you. Radiance is infectious.

Live selflessly. The needs of others should supersede your own. If others follow your example, someone will take care of you in the same regard you take care of everyone else.

Connect with supreme Consciousness (God, Holy Spirit) and let enlightenment guide your every thought. In such a way, every second will count, every moment matter.

We cannot live for ourselves. Our lives here are temporary and extremely brief. We all knew this on 9/11. The whole was eminently greater than each part. We lived as one. We grieved as one. We can do this every single day.

And we should.

Lucifer and Creation

An interesting concept to consider is that all supernatural beings existed before space-time, and in a sense, have always existed. And I would argue, the same would be true of us, our soul-spirit core has always been, neither created or destroyed. (In this respect, the act of creation was not so much ex-nihilo as it was putting all the pieces together into a cohesive design by a master craftsman).

Let’s refer to the realm beyond time-space as Eternia. We cannot comprehend or visualize it very well, because we cannot relate to reality without a reference to time. Thinking of an omnipresent “spiritual goo” is bizarre, but I would argue, true. The life force of all living creatures (intelligent animals and man, creatures with souls) has always existed. The Most High matriculated from this goo, branching off into three distinct forms, one of ultimate concentrated power and mass (The Most High), one of Spiritual projection (a projection of His power and omniscience) and one of solid mass (Yeshua). The heavenly host of beings, which also came out of this, were shaped through the will of the Most High in a process I don’t pretend to understand, but the result was a hierarchy including, by my understanding, trillions of beings. At the top, was Lucifer. He was the Angel of Light, the most beautiful of all created beings, and second in power only to the Most High. Lucifer is described as a Cherub.

The Scriptures describe Cherubim as: “In appearance their form was that of a man, but each of them had four faces and four wings. Their legs were straight; their feet were like those of a calf and gleamed like burnished bronze. Under their wings on their four sides they had the hands of a man. All four of them had faces and wings, and their wings touched one another. Each one went straight ahead; they did not turn as they moved. Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of a man, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle. Such were their faces. Their wings were spread out upward; each had two wings, one touching the wing of another creature on either side, and two wings covering its body. Each one went straight ahead. Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, without turning as they went. The appearance of the living creatures was like burning coals of fire or like torches. Fire moved back and forth among the creatures; it was bright, and lightning flashed out of it. The creatures sped back and forth like flashes of lightning.”

I find it interesting that all the basic forms of man and animal were somewhat derived from what already existed in heavenly beings. Yeshua was the proto-human, literally God-in-flesh as he existed in Eternia. And then all the characteristics and features of Cherubim and Seraphim and all the various angels, and possibly thousands of other beings, were used to design the animal kingdom. (I’m going to write a short story called “A Day in the Workshop of Creation” about all the top minds in Eternia sitting around a table hammering out design concepts for time-space, planets, animals, etc…).

The true story of the Big Bang: What began as a single point became infused with incomprehensible amounts of matter and energy, which in an instant exploded into time and space at a rate of expansion we can hardly wrap our minds around. At this point the expansion and formation was guided by the fabric of the Spirit, causing matter to stick and gravity to attract, imposing ordered chaos through the laws of physics which He maintained and implemented.

If we apply the laws of relativity to Genesis, the days of creation become far less defined. God, who is timeless, referencing a “day” in a timeless beginning — I’ve seen where some have applied logarithmic expansion to the age of the universe, and what we end up with is about 8 billion years (from our perspective) passing on “day 1”, 4 billion on “day 2”, 2 billion on “day 3”, and so on, and it’s noteworthy how closely the time-scales match up with the estimates of many scientists. Much of the ambiguity over the “days” of creation arise from the phrases “evening” and “morning.” The Hebrew words refer to a “rest” and a “rise” — think about it as cranking up the entropy from chaos to order, building up the Zero Point Energy level, winding up the cosmic spring.

Okay, so back to Lucifer. Described as a great musician and artistic genius, he would be a logical choice to head up the design team for creation models. I imagine it this way. As the CEO in charge of product design in the Workshop, he laid out many of the animal forms and features, and was proud of his work. His design team had some great stuff. Yeshua approved most of them, and was particularly impressed with the behemoths whose massive size pushed the limits of size and grandeur. Lucifer was well pleased, and was thrilled with Yeshua’s congratulatory words and praise.

Life first began in the oceans, then the birds appeared, followed by the land animals (during a methodical process of trial and error and modification, superficially similar to “evolution” but far more complex and advanced.) Lucifer aided and guided the processes and watched his designs thrive, working side-by-side with Yeshua and the Most High. And then… it got ugly. Elohim (the council of Three-in-one forms of God) devised a mirror image of Himself, supreme to all other life on earth, a replication of Yeshua, possessing body, soul, and spirit (3-in-1). Lucifer became furious. He watched in horror as this “human” race was granted dominion over his proud handiwork. His resentment flew out of control. A third of the angels sided with him and they took their grievances to the Most High. Lucifer’s heart turned evil (though Scriptures indicate he was “a liar from the beginning“ so perhaps he was evil all along). His hatred for God and His human creation burned bright and darkened his soul. Most of all, he hated Yeshua. At this point, the opposing sides reached an agreement which saved a full-scale war, at least for the time being. Lucifer would take his minions out of Eternia forever and in exchange was proclaimed ruler of the earth, and perhaps other parts of the cosmos. (I believe angels and fallen angels fought battles over conflicting claims, but this is pure conjecture). At this moment the rules regarding eternal consequences for sin and rebellion against the Most High were laid out and enacted, and the plan for Redemption was set in motion after Lucifer’s act of entering “The Garden” bringing about the Fall.

His seductive influence has brought bloodshed and carnage and untold human suffering, filling our ears with half-truths and promises of greatness and power, and the delusion that “the devil” is a hideous monster, keeping us looking for the monster while he fools us as “the light.” For this reason, anytime someone claims infusion of enlightenment and truth, one should be alarmed. A deception could be in play. The best way to know is by verifying with Scripture, and whether “the light” is directing people towards love and peace and righteousness (the nature of God), rather than conflict and hate and personal glory for one’s self as a “master” or “demigod”, like David Koresh or Jimmy Jones or a whole host of other cult leaders.

Just a thought. Thanks for reading.


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