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Brilliantly Ignorant

Not everyone who delineates from their faith ends up abandoning themselves to the strongest wind. Fire can incinerate weaker elements, and strengthen others. I’ve been in the flames so much by now, I’m looking to build a winter home on Venus.

Look beneath the surface of my skin, and you will see a composit core of invincibility. An eternal union with the Infinite Designer of all things — whose name is, properly translated, “I bring to pass what I bring to pass.” He is immaterial, massless, measureless, and timeless.

Is He invisible? No. He is infinite. He is everywhere I look for Him.

No matter how many times I empty out my mind, forget what I think I know, dismiss everything accepted by me from the minds of others, I never depart from this core understanding of who I am.

What am I left with beyond that? Me = (organic machine) + (conscious soul) * (spiritual thingamabob)

Let’s plug some symbols into it: Me = ℜ + Œ * §

ℜ = (DNA*Organic matter) – (disease+entropy*time)

Œ = (n/a mass)(n/a time)+(energy)(sentience)(“heart”)

§ = (n/a mass)(n/a time)+(divine constant)*(1 or 0)

I’ll play around with it more when the mood strikes.

The other thing I’m left with is the Book of Books, preserved and passed down through the ages. I am aware of all the science discounting it — and after spending the past 25 years going down every rabbit hole and twist and turn these skeptical claims take me, I am left with one astonishingly incontrovertible fact: The Bible is what it says it is. The evidence within is beyond my ability to explain away or fully comprehend. I could spend the next remaining years of my life writing and chronicling the serious problems with skeptical scholarship, but I won’t.

My concern is understanding. Knowing what I really know about the contents. Words and concepts have become meaningless to me in English, the language I’ve learned with. Written in Hebrew, I will learn Hebrew. Written in Greek, I will learn Greek. I will learn to see beyond my culture, beyond my prejudice, beyond the understandings imposed on me, and I will see things for what they actually are.

I will force myself to be brilliantly ignorant.

Return of the Quackz

pirate-shipBad news for all my fantastical antithetic friends and compadres: I am back to feeling well and firing torpedic thoughts across the bows of contemporary ignorancia. Brace yourselves and prepare to be boarded! The Dread Pirate Quackzalcoatl is roaming the seas of silly thoughts once more! Tremble ye before my mighty words of knowledge and feel the ignorance drain from your inner mind!

There is much to discuss, foremost being the answers to my previous questions. Then there is this matter of misinformation and hilarity as presented in the new “Cosmos,” as well as extemporaneous considerations of the Big Bang as enlightened by recent discoveries and “proof” of the beginning of time.



The past two weeks of my life have succumbed to that internal entity we know as Pancreas. I am beginning to wonder if this beast has just issued my death warrant.

It seems we are prepared for most things, diseases of other internal organs, and we have prevention and treatment and can prepare ourselves for their pathology — but the pancreas remains elusive. The only disease process we understand is diabetes. Anything else, good luck.

I’m fortunate this round of pancreatitis didn’t kill me. I waited to the point where I couldn’t breathe through the pain, and the 15-pound bulge in my gut looked like I was pregnant. So a week in hospital led to something yet more harrowing: a 50-hour toxic storm, where my brain became so overloaded with neural stimulation that I underwent a complete nervous breakdown. I didn’t sleep for three days, talking and babbling non-stop incoherently, crying and laughing uncontrollably, talking to things that weren’t there, recreating past conversations, almost reaching the point where I would finally blow a gasket. Fortunately, I crashed, and a few good days of “normal” have helped restore some of my health.

Needless to say, I was quite unprepared for this illness. I knew little to nothing about it. No ideas yet as to what triggers it or what I can do to prevent it again in the future. At any rate, back to blogging and digging in…

Atheists Are Just as Ignorant as Those They Find Ignorant

Atheists Are Just as Ignorant as Those They Find Ignorant.

The God Particle

I’ve often wondered this myself, what “The God Particle” is supposed to prove exactly, besides being the most basic particle in our universe.

The Ethical Warrior

A Nobel Prize in physics was recently awarded for the discovery of the Higgs boson, better known as The God Particle.  The search for the Higgs boson had been ongoing for some forty years at a cost of billions of dollars.  However, having found the Higgs boson, physicists still apparently don’t know exactly what to make of it.

To better understand the pursuit of The God Particle, it’s important to understand that the science of physics deals with things that are part of the physical universe, specifically things we can observe and measure. Werner Heisenberg, theoretical physicist and creator of the Uncertainty Principle, said this about the pursuit of all things physical, “The atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts.” So I pose this question: What is the value in only pursuing an understanding…

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The 10 Stupidest Things You Can Say To A Depressed Person

Clinical depression is one of the most agonizing hells on earth.

What Do You Think You Know?

A perfectly brilliant observation. We really don’t know enough of anything to think we know anything at all.

The Ethical Warrior

Everyone seems to be so sure about what they think that they know.  Virtually, everyone; from the intellectuals to truck drivers to the so-called “man on the street”.  But what if everything you knew was wrong?

Let’s start with belief systems.  Belief systems can be developed from only one of two sources – experience, or by accepting someone else’s opinion.  That’s it.  Since most people have had limited experiences, they, by definition, owe almost all of their “knowledge” to other people and their opinions.  So it’s more accurate to say that we believe that other people are correct in their opinions than to say that we know for certain.  Then again, if everyone believes that something is true, then perhaps we would be even more comfortable in our certainty.  Of course if we had believed that the sun revolved around the earth, like everyone did once upon a time, then…

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Perfect Storm: The Genius of Sharknado

I am avidly formulating a book in my head called 20 Reasons Why “Sharknado” Changed My Life Forever


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