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Answers and Witticisms, Part 1

Finally, after much sCreation_of_Adam_by_gatorvenomuspense, here are the long-awaited answers to the Questions post. Keep in mind that these are definitive, as I am a knower of all things, and that I have done my best, as always, to dumb it down as much as possible (for all you atheists out there).

Why? Why did He do it? What was the purpose in creating what the Bible describes as existence? Was God simply lonely, bored, looking for “motivation” to solve His own existential crisis?

Everything in existence, as we understand it, is a product of creation, with one lone exception — that eternal being we refer to as God, the one with the capital G, who before creation was everything when there was nothing else but God. Time and space, matter and antimatter — all of existence — emanated from His timeless, massless radiance and immeasurable power. Time and space exploded into being, and during an undetermined amount of time, the universe was formed into what we now see.

At some point early in the creative process, God created a hierarchy of hyperdimensional beings we know as angels and a plethora of others referred to as the “Heavenly Hosts,” whose purpose is to maintain and facilitate creation under the direction of the Creator (God’s “yes men”). This set the stage for His ultimate purpose.

The purpose of creation, quite simply, is to provide God with companionship. God, who from the eternal “now” is uniquely alone as the only uncreated, cannot create another exactly like Himself. Previously, I detailed how God may exist as three “separate” entities from the perspective of relativity — inside and outside of time and space, and as the incarnate deity — but these are all forms of the same solitary being. To create something which could fully relate to Him as an equal would require an extraordinary plan.

The plan began by determining the desired outcome — beings who willingly submit their lives to Him in an act of unconditional faith. The ramifications were configured to maximize return — a great multitude to share in an endless adventure beyond imagination. Note — “Heaven” will not be an eternal church service where we do nothing but “worship” and sing hymns to God forever and ever. What we will experience in the hereafter with God will be a sort of continuation of what we already know, except we will be immortal, without malice, amid perfection in a utopian paradise; chief among creation, higher than the angels, on equal footing with the Creator.

Such an outcome does not come cheaply, though the plan provides for maximum return. The first several hundred years ended in almost total ruin, as the initial Earth perished along with all but a handful of all living things. This was known before the plan ever came to fruition, yet the price was acceptable with regard to the ultimate outcome.


I realize many will read this and get all pissy about God laying waste to the world and wiping out millions of destructive heathens. It is not as though this happened suddenly without any warning. This was a series of natural catastrophes which culminated in global destruction. Only one man on the entire planet paid attention to the warning signs and prepared accordingly. The rest just buried their heads in the sand and kept screwing around and blowing each other up. They deserved their fate, and no one should feel sorry for them. Furthermore, just as in the cases of “genocide” later on, none of these people suffered a fate different from anyone else — they died. Everyone in this world dies at some point, and it ain’t always pretty. We live in an excrementally imperfect world. Get over it.


Why? Why did He do it? What was the purpose in creating what the Bible describes as existence? Was God simply lonely, bored, looking for “motivation” to solve His own existential crisis?

We call Him “Creator, God the Father” — because He creates, simply by existing? A timeless, massless radiant light of immeasurable power?

By His “word,” He brought all things into existence — is “His word” the same as His “will”? By what process does He create? Is time required, and if so, how much time? Did He begin creation with an explosion of matter and energy? Did He first wind up the natural order, then create the “egg,” and then let His creation manage itself?

What is “Heaven”? Is “Heaven” part of the natural order, or is it a separate creation? Or is “Heaven” even a creation at all?

Why would a perfect being create an imperfect world? And why would an all-powerful creator choose to make Himself known through the writings of an ancient tribe which existed in such a tiny insignificant speck of history?

Is “God the Father” the same being as “God the Son”? If not, then why does the Bible tell us there is only one God? And then what about “God the Spirit?” If God is all-powerful, why does He need two extra “Gods”? And for that matter, why does He need angels?

Why would an all-powerful all-knowing being create imperfection, and then create rules which require His own humiliation and death, as a sacrifice, in order to prevent His entire creation of humanity from being permanently destroyed — or worse yet, eternally tormented? Why create sentient life, allow for choice, and then punish the “wrong” choices? Is this not tyrannical, egotistical, petty?

Next post: Answers?

Are We Not All Creationists?

1612Language barriers are always difficult to overcome, particularly those regarding a more “scientific” rendering of “religious” principles. And so, the discussion of origins devolves into a camp evolution versus camp creation sort of drudgery. Sometimes, I forget the point of it all. What exactly are we arguing about in the first place?

For the simple-minded, it’s about science and reason versus superstition and religion; or the Word of God versus the lies of Satan; or the Believers versus the godless atheists. But what is it really?

I am a creationist who also understands the science of evolution. What do we have in the world around us, if not a creation? And is that creation not a constantly evolving, organic system? Ours is a universe governed by laws and ordered by invisible forces which we understand through what we call “science.” As our understanding evolves, what we consider “scientific” changes accordingly. It is how we grow as a species, through our understanding of the creation we inhabit. Knowing the creation leads to a certain understanding (and appreciation) of the creator, does it not?

Does being a “creationist” make one “religious,” and less “scientific”? I fail to see this correlation. Evolution, scientifically speaking, is a creative process which exhibits the governing laws of the creation. Whether we call it “natural” law, the “laws of nature,” “mother nature” — we are talking about the creation and the forces and laws which govern and shape that creation.

I suppose we could reign-in the argument a bit if we were to apply “scientific” to “evolution” and “creationism” — because there are certainly unscientific elements of both which are often brought to the table. Scientific evolution, referring to the known evolutionary processes which account for changes within species and living organisms over generations and time, which results in variation and statistical spread. Scientific creationism, which sticks to the processes of how and not pertaining to the who or why.

Once we’re settled on that, maybe then we can argue the merits of the specifics, and what we think we know.

Smash-Down of Epic Proportions

So, the “Great Ape Debate” was finally upon us. And it was nothing more than an epic evisceration, with real science prevailing and pseudo-science being exposed. Hopefully, this will take us into a new level of discovery, ridding us finally of the idiotic claims of the clueless….

Why Jesus is NOT Yahweh

god-jesusIn “Santa God, part 1,” I agreed with atheists that God in the form of Santa God did not exist — this sort of invisible sky-daddy, cosmic space bubble god which floats around voyeuristically watching us and keeping score of our goods and bads with his finger on the “destroy“ button constantly ready to zap us. I also alluded to the difficulty of conceptualizing an entity which exists outside of time, given our inability to comprehend such an existence, particularly how such an entity would relate to and interact with “reality” in spacetime.

Keep in mind that Eternity is not a realm with unlimited time. It is a realm without time at all. This is what we refer to as the “spiritual dimension,” or “astral plane,” where the laws of physics as we understand them do not exist — making it necessary to seek more tangible ways for our basic understanding in a time-based, matter-infused, digital reality. In this respect, it is not so much whether or not God or spiritual beings exist, but rather finding an adequate way to conceptualize it.

According to Genesis, in the beginning “Elohim” created the heavens and the earth. “In the beginning,” referring to the beginning of the spacetime universe, since Eternity has no beginning and has always existed. The continuity of force admits of neither creation nor annihilation, but demands an unseen universe, out of which the visible has been produced “by an intelligent agency residing in the unseen,” and into which it must eventually return (The Unseen Universe, pp. 167, 170).

Elohim here is plural, though is translated in English as “God,” which denotes an entity with a multiplicity of God-and-JesusDivine powers, the threefold personality of the Godhead. Separate but equal entities, co-existing as the fulcrum of all existence.

According to Scripture, Jesus was with the Father (YHWH), with equal Divine authority, yet with different functionality and roles, joined together through their Holy Spirit as “God.” The Godhead is the governing head of all existence. (Just as the governing head of the U.S. of Eh?, where we have the Legislative Congress, the Judiciary Supreme Court, and the Executive President, separate but equal, with different roles and powers.)

By this understanding, Jesus is not YHWH. He is “God,” as “Elohim.” But he is not YHWH, not the “Father,” not the Holy Spirit. Jesus is God. YHWH is God. The Holy Spirit is God. But they are not each other.

The Workshop

73f042ede91411a970c21380c97101beHe strode into HQ, flushed with creative energy. “I have the designs.”

The others gathered around the table, chattering amongst themselves while sorting through the plans.

“These are all splendidly arranged. My complements on your work, Lucifer.”

Lucifer bowed graciously. “My Lord. You are indeed charitable.”

Hundreds of angels and empyreal beings busied themselves with The Plan. Lucifer finished the final touches, and handed it to the Creator.

Seconds later, a bolt of radiance streaked into the oceans. The Plan became life.

Time accelerated, millions of years in a second, billions in a day. The oceans teemed with life.

The bolt of radiance then struck the ground. Moments later, animals and insects of all kinds scurried about.

Lucifer and the seraphs recognized themselves in the creatures of earth; their own faces and features everywhere they gazed. The Plan was perfect.

But this was day five. Day six would change EVERYTHING.

Lucifer and Creation

An interesting concept to consider is that all supernatural beings existed before space-time, and in a sense, have always existed. And I would argue, the same would be true of us, our soul-spirit core has always been, neither created or destroyed. (In this respect, the act of creation was not so much ex-nihilo as it was putting all the pieces together into a cohesive design by a master craftsman).

Let’s refer to the realm beyond time-space as Eternia. We cannot comprehend or visualize it very well, because we cannot relate to reality without a reference to time. Thinking of an omnipresent “spiritual goo” is bizarre, but I would argue, true. The life force of all living creatures (intelligent animals and man, creatures with souls) has always existed. The Most High matriculated from this goo, branching off into three distinct forms, one of ultimate concentrated power and mass (The Most High), one of Spiritual projection (a projection of His power and omniscience) and one of solid mass (Yeshua). The heavenly host of beings, which also came out of this, were shaped through the will of the Most High in a process I don’t pretend to understand, but the result was a hierarchy including, by my understanding, trillions of beings. At the top, was Lucifer. He was the Angel of Light, the most beautiful of all created beings, and second in power only to the Most High. Lucifer is described as a Cherub.

The Scriptures describe Cherubim as: “In appearance their form was that of a man, but each of them had four faces and four wings. Their legs were straight; their feet were like those of a calf and gleamed like burnished bronze. Under their wings on their four sides they had the hands of a man. All four of them had faces and wings, and their wings touched one another. Each one went straight ahead; they did not turn as they moved. Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of a man, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle. Such were their faces. Their wings were spread out upward; each had two wings, one touching the wing of another creature on either side, and two wings covering its body. Each one went straight ahead. Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, without turning as they went. The appearance of the living creatures was like burning coals of fire or like torches. Fire moved back and forth among the creatures; it was bright, and lightning flashed out of it. The creatures sped back and forth like flashes of lightning.”

I find it interesting that all the basic forms of man and animal were somewhat derived from what already existed in heavenly beings. Yeshua was the proto-human, literally God-in-flesh as he existed in Eternia. And then all the characteristics and features of Cherubim and Seraphim and all the various angels, and possibly thousands of other beings, were used to design the animal kingdom. (I’m going to write a short story called “A Day in the Workshop of Creation” about all the top minds in Eternia sitting around a table hammering out design concepts for time-space, planets, animals, etc…).

The true story of the Big Bang: What began as a single point became infused with incomprehensible amounts of matter and energy, which in an instant exploded into time and space at a rate of expansion we can hardly wrap our minds around. At this point the expansion and formation was guided by the fabric of the Spirit, causing matter to stick and gravity to attract, imposing ordered chaos through the laws of physics which He maintained and implemented.

If we apply the laws of relativity to Genesis, the days of creation become far less defined. God, who is timeless, referencing a “day” in a timeless beginning — I’ve seen where some have applied logarithmic expansion to the age of the universe, and what we end up with is about 8 billion years (from our perspective) passing on “day 1”, 4 billion on “day 2”, 2 billion on “day 3”, and so on, and it’s noteworthy how closely the time-scales match up with the estimates of many scientists. Much of the ambiguity over the “days” of creation arise from the phrases “evening” and “morning.” The Hebrew words refer to a “rest” and a “rise” — think about it as cranking up the entropy from chaos to order, building up the Zero Point Energy level, winding up the cosmic spring.

Okay, so back to Lucifer. Described as a great musician and artistic genius, he would be a logical choice to head up the design team for creation models. I imagine it this way. As the CEO in charge of product design in the Workshop, he laid out many of the animal forms and features, and was proud of his work. His design team had some great stuff. Yeshua approved most of them, and was particularly impressed with the behemoths whose massive size pushed the limits of size and grandeur. Lucifer was well pleased, and was thrilled with Yeshua’s congratulatory words and praise.

Life first began in the oceans, then the birds appeared, followed by the land animals (during a methodical process of trial and error and modification, superficially similar to “evolution” but far more complex and advanced.) Lucifer aided and guided the processes and watched his designs thrive, working side-by-side with Yeshua and the Most High. And then… it got ugly. Elohim (the council of Three-in-one forms of God) devised a mirror image of Himself, supreme to all other life on earth, a replication of Yeshua, possessing body, soul, and spirit (3-in-1). Lucifer became furious. He watched in horror as this “human” race was granted dominion over his proud handiwork. His resentment flew out of control. A third of the angels sided with him and they took their grievances to the Most High. Lucifer’s heart turned evil (though Scriptures indicate he was “a liar from the beginning“ so perhaps he was evil all along). His hatred for God and His human creation burned bright and darkened his soul. Most of all, he hated Yeshua. At this point, the opposing sides reached an agreement which saved a full-scale war, at least for the time being. Lucifer would take his minions out of Eternia forever and in exchange was proclaimed ruler of the earth, and perhaps other parts of the cosmos. (I believe angels and fallen angels fought battles over conflicting claims, but this is pure conjecture). At this moment the rules regarding eternal consequences for sin and rebellion against the Most High were laid out and enacted, and the plan for Redemption was set in motion after Lucifer’s act of entering “The Garden” bringing about the Fall.

His seductive influence has brought bloodshed and carnage and untold human suffering, filling our ears with half-truths and promises of greatness and power, and the delusion that “the devil” is a hideous monster, keeping us looking for the monster while he fools us as “the light.” For this reason, anytime someone claims infusion of enlightenment and truth, one should be alarmed. A deception could be in play. The best way to know is by verifying with Scripture, and whether “the light” is directing people towards love and peace and righteousness (the nature of God), rather than conflict and hate and personal glory for one’s self as a “master” or “demigod”, like David Koresh or Jimmy Jones or a whole host of other cult leaders.

Just a thought. Thanks for reading.


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