What this blog is about

I mainly write two different kinds of posts: Flash-fiction (short stories 500-words or less, usually for various challenges), and metaphysical, philosophical, theoretical science types of posts. I try to inject whimsy and humor, a lighthearted approach, as much as possible, so I don’t come off as a total douche. I don’t always succeed.

I tend to discuss things from a Christian point of view, but try to give other perspectives a fair shake. Mostly. Though when the mood strikes, I enjoy irreverent fun and playful smack downs, trading clever insults and zesty witticisms. I mean, who doesn’t??

I value thoughtful feedback, of course, and enjoy exchanging perspectives. I won’t take it personally if you disagree or think I’m an idiot. Just as long as it’s not both. That, I wouldn’t be able to deal with, and would likely delete my blog and shut down as a person.


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